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tantrums in public! Lock Rss

hi ladies does anyone else have a 2 1/2 year old that throws tantrums in public, my daughter does and i dread having to go out anywhere n take her. please tell me im not the only one with a daughter like this.

My girls are my world!!!!

my son used to chuck THE biggest tanties at shops

so i stopped taking him

and now after about 3 months i will take him occasioanlly becuase he wants to go and he is very well behaved

Hi Lexismum..
Its frustrating, my DS is now 3yrs and it seems to be worse,
When we go shopping he has a tanty for lollies/toys or starts running off on me.. Now he has to go on one of those kids harness hand straps as he will just take off on me.
i'm over the onlookers who stare at me while his jumping up and down on the walkie..That doesn't help!..
Hopefully it will get better for both of us, with a lil persistance..
Thankfully my son has just passed the worst of the tantrum stages. A few months ago, while 4 months pregnant he chucked the biggest tantrum I've ever seen a child have in a shopping centre, rolling on the ground, screaming etc. I had hands full of shopping, couldn't do much and ended up bursting into tears in the middle of the shops. Don't worry, you're not alone!

My daughter turned 2 last month and chucks terrible tantrums in public... it so embarrasing! Feels like the every1 around stops and stares at you, like they have never seen a child do that before!
I take snacks, toys and her own purse with coins in it. But when she has had enough every1 knows about it! The latest thing she is doing, whilst crying she reaches out to strangers and says "help me!!" I nearly died the first time she did it! My fiance thought it was hilarious... until she did it to him! lol!
So you're not alone at all! I have just tried to keep trips as short as possible but go out at least 3 times a week to friends places, the park, the shops etc

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

My nearly 2 year old chucked the biggest tantrum the other day when I went shopping with my mum.

At one of the department stores they had a blow up slippery dip on display and he wanted to play on it. When I asked him to get off it so I could do my shopping he chucked the biggest tanty. I picked him up and he was screaming and kicking and when I tried to put him down he started to run to where the slippery dip was so I quickly picked him up and walked out of the shop and he just kept getting worse and worse so I just left the shopping centre and went home.

I hate it when people stare. It's like they have not seen a child throw a tantrum before. It's what kids do sometimes. Do they think it helps if they stare???????????????????????? People just staring is worse than the tantrum!

Proud Mummy

my previously beautifully behaved 2 1/2 year old has turned into a nightmare when I take her out. She never wants to leave anywhere, even though I give warnings that we are going and try to be calm. She had the worst tanty at my friends house when I tried to put her in her carseat. She screamed so much that my friends neighbour came out to see what was going on. I am ashamed to admit that I was trying to push her back into the car seat as she wouldn't bend!!
then a week later she ran away from me twice during one trip to the supermarket. the first time I had to chase her while trying to hang on to my 7 month old. the second time I had to abandon the trolley and baby and chase 2 year old as she was nearly at the carpark. and everyone at the shop just stood and stared. i wanted to yell at them to stop her!!!
she spent the whole time in the trolley yelling to get out and stomping on the shopping.

so i have decided NEVER to leave the house again! failing that I will bring my ipod so i don't have to listen to her! and i want supermarkets to make a trolley with a big cage attached for the toddlers!!!
You girls have made me feel so much better!!! Im hoping she will be out of it soon. I now have a 5 week old baby also and havent been out yet as im dreading the first time. I might have to take a friend with me i think!

My girls are my world!!!!

I have a 2.5 year old who is terrible at the shops - I think Deborah01's suggestion of a big trolley cage is a brilliant idea!!!!

Mum to Kayla born 15.03.06 & Maya born 14.06.08

Hahaha lmao at Kobies dd's "help me!", that was funny to read!

My 2.5yr DD is normally pretty well behaved whilst shopping, but has her days (like today) where she wants to sit in the 'baby trolley' or wants one of everything we walk past. We were at toys r us last month and she would just sit down next to something she wanted and would not get up, a silent protest... until I removed her...

I normally make sure I'm organised with snacks and her handbag and small toys.

I'm not advising you to do this but as last resort sometimes I walk off and ignore her (can still see her and within quick reach), pretend that I don't notice her tanty. whatever you do don't give in now to their demands or you will be doing it when they are older and (if possible)louder.

Good luck!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

ooh i wish i had found this post earlier!!! DD is 2.5yrs are i tell ya what i swear she is trying to get DOCS to take her away!!! she never used to throw tantrums in public but the last fortnight she has been...well i think FERAL is the only word for her when we go out. I did the nice thing last week and let her play in the playground (you know the ones in the middle of the shops?) anyway after about 40 mins (long enough for me to have a coffee) i said to her five more mins then we are going. well five mins went by so i told her we were leaving - well the tears started, then the screaming of NOOOOOOO! then when that didn't get her anywhere she laid on the floor and kicked her legs and screamed louder (lol to top it off she had her hands over her eyes in the most dramatic way!). in the end i had to just get her and drag her off under my arm like a football! finally got her to get in the pram (with a bit of force!) and boy did she let rip with the screaming. i finally got myself together and decided to just continue with the shopping while she was carrying on - doing my best to ignore her - when this stupid old woman came over and told her off!!!!!! yeah as you can imagine the only thing that did was send her into absolute hysterics coz she was being told off by a stranger so i then had to tell a woman who was easily 80 to mind her own business and bugger off!!

LOL why dont that have this stuff in the baby books huh?? I think my DD was a great contraception for the group of teenagers who were at the mall!
My DD is only 19mths old and the tantrums have started. She squeels at the top of her lungs and hits me and throws things, yes it's very embarrassing but what can you do really? It's not going to last forever and as for the stuck up idiots who stare at me in the supermarkets or shops, they can kiss my ****.
I just smile at them and have a chuckle to myself that an innocent child can upset their precious time (all of 5 min) shopping with a bit of noise.
I've just been trying to deal with it the best that I can and I think that's all we can do. Be strong ladies and I hope I wasnt too cruel in this post.
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