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Just wondering if anyone else has a child with an anxiety disorder? If so, what steps have you taken to deal with it? And anything else you can tell me would be great!

Thanks in advance! smile

hi there .
im unsure if im going to be any help, but heres my share.
our now 5 yr old son has anxiety in a few ways, a doc suggested in conversation he has a slight case of ocd{ obsesive compulsive disorder}
little things for example: the knobby bits on the corner of socks annoy him to the point of breakdown.
i have to make sure they arnt under his foot.
he doesnt like gritty feet and as a 3 yr old wouldnt dare step out without shoes on.
he needs his blanket on his bed to have no huymps and bumps or he kicks it all off. he doesnt like sauce to touch his potatoe.
he also doesnt like other people touching him: like kids standing in line at preschool.his teachers have been great.
and he cant stand smells.
i know this sounds strange. for eg: my eldest will be a torment and tell him that he farted and ds will then start to dry wretch... even though no one farted...
if hes tired all these little quirks are maganified and he can become quite stressed.
other than that he is very"normal"
so i dont know if this classifies as anxiety but we generally dont fuss about it at all and just accept that that is who he is and its part of him. we know what can get him upset and try to jump in and help before he gets anxious.without making a big deal.
he also has "woof woof" a soft toy dog. he stresses if we go away without woof woof. he says that woof woof cant sleep without him.... so we try to make woof woof a part of our lives.
i hope ive been of some assistance ,, maybee not. we might be talking about different things. but i do believe that when it comes to anxiety that if we as mum show too much distres that kids can pick up on it and therefore we unwittingly magnify a sittuation. where as being all calm about it can lead to a scence of calm in them. maybee not a cure... but a smoother ride.

So sorry its taken me so long to reply. We have had a bit of a family tragedy so I haven't been on here much. I did read your response and I promise to type a more detailed one to you via PM soon. Thank you so much for all the information you gave me. In some ways my DD is similar to your DS, but in others she isn't, so I'm not sure if its the same thing or not. Will be in touch with you soon.

I'm not sure if I can help but my two and a half year old son suffers a bit with anxiety. He doesn't like crowds he gets very upset if there is a lot of people around and he just screams. Some days he doesn't even want to do anything, even simple things like going to the shops stresses him out. He gets totally beside himself if something breaks for example he was listening to a little hand held radio the other day and he dropped it and the batteries fell out and he totally lost it screaming etc. Once I put it back together for him he was fine. I just try to reassure him that EVERYTHING is ok and that HE is ok and nothing is going to happen and that things can be fixed. And screaming isn't necessary etc etc I guess I try to make him feel safe without babying him if that makes sense. I know how he feel as I suffer with panic disorder. You could try looking up anxiety disorders in children on the internet they might be able to give you a few tips on how to deal with it.
Hope that helps.
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