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Hey guyz!
my son, 17 months, is starting to say a fair few words but there not like small little words that you add up in a sentence, he says dog and duck and jess and bird. Mum and Nana are in there as well but not as often as dog! he just seems to think everything is a dog, its been going on for a few months now, just dont know when he will start saying more or no or even up, just wondering what other kids first words were??

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Sounds similar to my DD at that age only she said pubbee (puppy) and woof, baa, dad, mum but by far her favourite was pubbee smile

The dont put sentences together for quite a while yet, it starts with 2 words then more. Sounds like your little guy is right on track.

My DD is 28 months now and talks non stop, probably puts together 5-6 words at a time and can sing nursery rhymes like twinkle star, humpty dumpty - its amazing how quickly they learn.
My DD is also 17 months, and everything is pretty much "da!"

She says quite a few words, but says da all the time, trying to tell me something so it's just 'da-da-da-da' all day!

Having said that, she can also say Nan, pop, mumma, ta, tata, and Leila(her friend). She's trying REALLY hard to copy things I say but it's not really working yet, so I think it's prob around this age they start becoming really aware of speech. Must be gunna happen soon! (then I'll wish she'd stop talking probably!)

J first word was dog. dog dog dog dog dog. all animals were dogs lol

maybe it's a boy thing? LOL
All children are really different. My first son was saying about 20 words at 12mths but my second son has just turned one and he's saying things like Mum, Mumma, Dad, Nanna, Jack (his brother), don't, gone, done, ta and bye. My first son said his first sentence at 17mths which was "Mum drinks coffee" and "what's that noise". They all progress so differently even though my second son is saying a fair few words they are not as clear as what my frist son was. But I think you child would be on the right track. It's great when they start talking it makes communication with them so much easier! But once they start they do not stop!!!!!!
This is a funny one. DS' first word was Nelly. That's one of our dogs names. At the moment everything is either 'cat' or 'that'

dont stress, and dont try to compare you lil one to others, they are all different. there are so manh resons that they say words. my lil one started with dad at 7 months old, the lil smarty started calling me boof long before mum, she also managed to pick up a swear word from her older cusions who are 6 before mum too (they thought it would be funny, they only had her along while i was in the loo too... lol) anyhow, it could be as simple as he likes the way the word sounds, or how it feels coming off his tongue, my lil girl is now saying "COOL" all the time, she is 2 1/2 and she hear my younger brother say it and she now says it all day long. this too will pass. introduce him to words, but dont force them as this will make him aprehensive about talking all together, verbally reward the words he does say and lable everything in his little word, eg: dont just give him a drink becase you know he wants one, tell him what you are doing!! and good luck!!!
My DD's is 16 months but her first words were da and ghetto(thats our dog's name lol)but now everytime she sees the dog she says "get" and raises her arm! Think shes been watching mummy to much yelling at the dog lol.
She also says book,mum mum,ta ta,hello,dum dum,yuck,mmm,love u(which is more like lub bu)and her most recent one is 'hey' which is quite embrassing when your at the shopping mall and she yells out hey to everyone hehehe!
But just remember every child is might be really quick on saying words but may have been a very late walker and vice verser..

Love it! DS now 21mths has a favorite word/sentance - DOGGGGA! WOOF WOOF. recently we visited the zoo - anything with 4 legs and a tail (except the tiger - cat!) was a DOGGGGA! WOOF WOOF! the giraffe, elephants but most specially the zebra. Had the staff in hysterics over the new species they held at the zoo.
DS first word-like sound was "yum" at 3 months but his first word with meaning was "Lulu" at 5 months (Lulu is our fluffy white dog) and "inca" also at 5 months (Inca is our black cat.

DS is now about to turn 1 and, although he says quite a lot of words with meaning, he calls everything white "Lulu" and everything black "Inca"! We go for a walk every morning and we always pass a fluffy white cat and he shouts "Lulu!" and a Black great dane "Inca!". It was quite difficult to explain to the owner of the great dane that he thought it was his cat...

And, by the way, "mama" and "dada" came after: uppy, no, botty, Leo (his own name), and gogo (yoghurt) lol. He gets confused sometimes and calls me "daddy" then quickly shakes his head and says "marmy" lol.

I think it's so cute the different ways bubs say things and the words they pic up on!
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