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Getting rid of dummy and his Ish!! Lock Rss

I havn't been on here for a while, but I have a little man who is 2 and a bit and carrys around his dummy and a piece of silky material he calls his "ish"? don't know where that came from!!. Any way I would love to ditch this, especially his dummy during the day, I have tryed several things, including bribery, to no avail. Does anyone have any idea's or will it just happen on it's own accord hopefully one day soon......?

Tan, WA, Luis 19/7/06 2nd bub due Nov09

I've been told when i go to get rid of DD dummy that i should have her give it to another baby, and when she asks for it remind her she is now a big girl and we gave her dummy's to the baby.
I'm not quite ready to give it up yet so i dont know how well it will work, but that is what i am going to try.
Good Luck!

my sis in law told my niece that she had to give dummy to santa because she is a big girl now and that santa takes the dummy and turns it into presents she left the dummy under the tree with his milk and cookies christmas eve and she just threw out all dummys that night the next morning she had presents lol so she didnt mind she did ask a few days later but she just reminded her that santa took it
so i would try that if you toddler is old enough to under stand about santa my niece was two and half at the time
Hi. We had an issue with the dummy as well and were keen to get rid of it. We restricted the use of the dummy, so he still has it of a night time, but it's not allowed anywhere in the house except his bed. We had to start in the loungeroom and we would tell him that it was only allowed on the couch. If he got of the couch, the dummy had to stay on the couch. If he wanted to help or play, the dummy couldn't come with us! Gradually we were able to restrict it to bed and it works really well. We are thinking of giving the dummy to Santa this year though! We'll see how that goes!


My sister had a novel idea with her DD who was so attached to her dummy she would even talk with it in her mouth. My sister had a chat to DD that her 3rd birthday was coming up and that she was going to be a big girl and big girls don't have dummies so the dummy was going to go to 'dummy heaven'. On her 3rd birthday my sister took her to the rubbish bin and had DD put all of her dummies in the bin, this also coincided with rubbish day. My niece waved bye bye to her dummies as the rubbish truck came and emptied the bins.

Now she did ask for the dummy for a few days and also had trouble sleeping but my sister said for the couple of days of 'hell' it was all worth it and DD forgot about the dummy and slept fine after that.

Just get rid of the dummy first and worry about 'ish' later.
Thanks everyone for the advice, I'm definately going to go with the dummy first then worry about "ish" later...wish me luck.

Tan, WA, Luis 19/7/06 2nd bub due Nov09

Hi my name is Rhys and it has been 1 month since my last dummy!

I was absolutely dreading the whole gettin rid of dummy thing it was planned for christmas,to give to the baby reindeer,but his dummy popped last month and I said oh no that's it no more dummies now..Broken!

Then I went frantically looking for any laying around and the spare in the car.Rhys also carried his wrap around with him as he associated the dummy and wrap together,now he donesn't care at all about wrap,wrap! U could maybe try damaging the dummy and then do what I did!


if ur just trying to get rid of it during the day you need to keep him busy and distracted then he will just forget about it i find that my dd will be to busy during the day to have her num but as soon as she sits down and relaxes and gets a bit tired she will want him back.
The dummy was the centre of my daughters life and hubby and I were sick to death of the damn thing...

She had started chewing them a bit and she realised they were broken, so she threw them in the bin. She was a little unsettled for maybe 2 days but got over it really quick.

If he understands what broken is, maybe you should sabotage them and let him throw them away, that way he will know he cant have them.
I get my daughter to put her own dummy away for the day. she will either put the away on top of a wardrobe where she cant reach them or in a draw. That way she still knows where it is. If your trying to get rid of it completely tell them that the dummy fairy needs it for other little children.
Hope it helps.
hi tan
yes we mums are seem to be having problems with those dame dummys. i would take the dummy off him during the day and do not let him give in and if he ask say u are a big boy now but do it slowly with the ish it is a security thing hun.

i am having the same problems with my two year too. We have finally let go of the security blanket but now it is the dummy.

good luck
[Edited on 11/10/2008]
the way we got rid of the dummy was kinda slow, but during the day, if he didn't have it in his mouth, i'd hide it until he really wanted/needed it back. then that gradually made it to only night time dummy.
but one thing in particular was i refused to listen to him talk if it was in his mouth, i's say "i can't understand you with the dummy in your mouth" with would encourage him to take it out just to talk.
i hope that helps a bit...
good luck!
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