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Hi ladies

My son is only 5 months old and still using his capsule. As you all know ill be needing to get a bigger one when he gets older.
There are so many brands and types out on the market and its hard to choose which one to get.
I thought the best way to find out what to get,or what not to get, would be to ask mothers that have already brought and used one already.
Especially mothers with toddlers.
I want a seat that can accomodate the rear facing baby and the growing front facing baby.Convertable!

There is actually alot of things to look into when buying a car seat.
This is the the list of things that id want my ideal carseat to have.
-not too expensive
-reclining for sleeping
-easy to clean and nice good quality fabric(my capsule was brand new but the fabric is s*#T, It pulled and frayed and looks as if its 5 years old).
-enough room for toddler and legs
-easy to buckle in bub

Weigh doesnt bother me as id leave it in the car and the size isnt that much of an issue aslong as you can fit 1-2 more ppl in the back seat with it.

What did you buy and is it good??

[Edited on 21/10/2008]

Hi there
We got the safe and sounds Meridian once DD came out of the capsule (at about 6 months) she is 18 months now and it will last her for ages.
It is one of the safest models according to the safety tests (but yes it is one of the most expensive) though saying that it will last one of the longest amount of times (think the height/weight is the highest as well)
We love it - it is comfortable for our DD, definitely enough room and built to adjust to suit a growing toddler.
(Sorry about all the spelling mistakes!)
Good luck in your search!
Edited to add - yes it is convertible, so we had her reward-facing (like the capsule) until she was 12 months then turned the seat around to the forward-facing position
[Edited on 19/10/2008]
I have a Safe n Sound 'super safegaurd' colour granite i think its called. Its been great. I got it when my son was born his now 3 n a half & it still looks like new. Its reversable, has 3 postion recline, lots of padding for comfort & safety. He got car sick a lot & ate in the car & its easy to take off throw in the washing machine & dry & put back on. Done this many times & it still looks great. No rips or stains, no fabric coming apart. My new baby now uses it & it looks like i just bought it for him. It cost $250 & been great. I also have a Babylove toddler rider, i love it to, its the biggest model i found with built in harness. My son at 3 n a half just outgrew the safe n sound one which is good for car seats, but still has plenty of room in his babylove one that i had in mums car, its soft & very comfy with built in side impact protection & power fixing so less movement from seatbelt. It was $150 from big w well worth it, theres another model thats more luxurious you can get from baby shops for a bit extra.
Mothers choice, zuzu, gosafe, are the smallest designs & dont fit for as long. my brothers kids & friends had these they were too big for them by like 18 months.
hope this helps with your decision. there are lots of models out there so look around see what you like. Heres 2 to start with anyway I found them to be great. Im big on child car safety. So many babies & kids die all the time from the wrong seats for them or not useing there seat properly or at all. So please think carefully & get it checked over or professionally installed.
I will give you a tip which I learnt the hard way. We only started with one baby seat, then when bubs was about 6mths old decided we would get another for our second car, so the 2 seats are different. The safety advice for the 1st seat was to turn it around when bubs was 9kg which we did, however the second seat wasn't to be turned around until bubs was 12kg. Doesn't seem like much difference but in our case our daughter is very short and didn't reach 12kg until she was over 2yrs old. Being a stickler for safety, it meant in one of our cars she was still facing backwards when she was 2 years old, so would get very bored. Anyway, have already decided when we have a 2nd baby they can use the seat that gets to turn around sooner!
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