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Hi other mums looking for some thoughts into this....
My ds is 14mths old, last week we brought him a potty to get him familar with it and just to have there for him as he is very interested when we go to the loo. At this stage I had no real intention of toilet traing him just yet. althou he does display a couple of signs of apparent readiness eg being dry for more than 2 hrs, stopping still to wee and poo. and today he was having no nappy time when he brought out to the hall(where i was) from the lounge his nappy wipes (he has never done this before)I asked him half heartedly if he needed his bottom wiped before going into another room. when i came back he had infact done a poo! WAS this just a coincidence or could he be ready? another thing he did today was bring me a nappy to change his wet bum (never done that before)
As this is my first i'm confused as i know some boys to be succesfully trained before 2 than others tell me not to bother yet because he is a boy! so please experinced mums help me!
[Edited on 03/11/2008]

I've just asked a similar question in the toilet training section. The only reply said something like 'take advantage of the interest' which is what I'm doing. Sounds like your DS is ready, i say go for it see what happens. He is still quite young so if it doesn't work then it doesn't matter just yet.
My son was showing signs very early too. He's only just gone 13 months and he's been taking himself to the potty (we keep it in the bathroom next to our own toilet) for well over a month now. He's a chatterbox so, he's been able to tell us that he's doing a poo or needs to wee for some time.

We're holding off completely trying to train him until he's 18 months. While at uni, I was a researcher on a study about TT children before 18 months and the risks of them forming kidney issues. It's just something that sticks in the back of my head and I'd rather be safe than sorry.

We encouraged DS to use the potty and reward him for it when he uses it but, we aren't actually training him. If your son is ready and interested, I'd encourage him but, maybe let him lead the way and not force it.
Posted by: leosmummy

While at uni, I was a researcher on a study about TT children before 18 months and the risks of them forming kidney issues.

Why is this? How does that work? Have never heard that before.

There are many theories why the correlation between the two (early TT and kidney issues) is quite strong. The main one being that the child is taught to "hold it" too early.

The study was conducted merely to see if there was a correlation (which there was). There have been subsequent studies since to establish reason why it is but, I haven't been involved in those.
But isn't one of the signs of readiness being able to be dry for a few hours, so wouldn't they already 'hold it' on their own anyway?
I'm not trying to start a arguement by the way I'm just curious. I like to know why!
It's more a matter of, once the children are trained, they are forced to hold it in on occassions.

Like I said, I wasn't involved in the "why" part. I was involved in the "does it happen?" part. So, it's just one of those things that has stuck in my head. Like, ppl who have a history of a lactose intolerance, for example, are more wary about starting their kids on foods containing lactose. I'm not sayinhg "your child will get kidney issues if you train them before 18 months". I'm just not willing to risk it aftervmy experience.
Thanks for answering. Fair enough. Makes sense, i was just curious cos i'm nosy!
Hi there
I just wanted to say that I would hold if I were you. My DS was showing the same interest at about 15 months, he is now 3 and I have been TT him for a few weeks. It is so much easier when they get to this age as they understand more and it is quicker to teach them.
Just my advice thats all!

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

I have been toilet training my boy for the same reason he is 20 months but I have been letting him use the potty for about three months. I have a reason for early start other than the interest though my next is due in Feb so i would really like him to be well on the way by time his brother arrives!!
I say let it happen but being they are so young don't push it or make a huge deal as they really have a lot more important things to deal with at there age!
They are still babies at the end of the day but it never hurts to let them try and explore what it's all about!

Mummy to 3 Boys

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