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how much do you spend of your day.. Lock Rss

playing and entertaining your toddler.. mines 15 mnths and sometimes i feel i should be doing more but can ne ver think of ideas what to do and my DS seems happy just amusing himself
I spend alot of my day entertaining my 19mo. She is a very social child who loves people and she doesnt have any siblings yet so in the meantime, its mummy who plays games with her.

She will play on her own but not for very long periods of time (unless its with something she shouldnt be - lol).

DD - 07.04.07 DS - 27.10.09

I spend a lot of time playing with my toddler and with a new baby i try to include her as much as poss, i find that other than the usual water play, playdough, painting, books, push nad pull toys etc. I take my two to playgroup and a program that is run by our local child health clinic called butterfly wings. I have come across some great ideas from both of those and you find out what there interests are and develop on those.
I spend a lot of time with DS (13 months). He's happy to entertain himself for hours on end with toys and books but, I always take him for a walk every morning, go to the playground (just over our back fence) 2-3 times a week and we paint once or twice a week. We draw most days, play with our dog together and just chat about everything we see. DS has lots to say so, mostly he just likes me to listen to him and tell him what a great story-teller he is lol. We also play outside with soccer balls and one of those little clam-shell sand pits.

I try to spend most of the day interacting with him but, I think it's important that he has some time to himself just to explore and play and use his imagination.
well having 6kids, these days i am just trying to keep a child out of harms way, my 14month old finds it great fun to climb everything, she can't walk mind you, but will climb anything, so i have to spend the day, following, barraccading and sorting out all the other kids, so i seem to spend all day and night wiht my kids, and mostof that is not quality time I must say. Thankfuylly my 10yo DD spends heaps of time, swimming reading dancing drawing with the little ones!
I am a bit the same as you. My DS is 16 months old and when we are at home he is pretty happy amusing himself and playing with his toys. I cant really think of things to do with him at home.
Once a week we go to a music class.
Also we try to get together with some ladies and their kids once a week too.
I am the same as well... My Son 22 more then happy just to play quietly by himself. He spends alot of time coloring beside me. He usually stays where ever i am and just brings his toys near me. Wen he wants me to read to him he brings me two stories, one for me to read and one for him.

I often feel like I do not do enough with him, but he is happy, and he is not sitting in front of the TV or anything, he is still very active ad happy.

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