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Bitting Lock Rss

Hi all. My 16 month old son has started bitting over the weekend. It seems to be out of frastration but it's still bitting.
Any suggestions about how to stop it or how to cope with it???
Thanks in advance

James Taylor 30th of July 2007

My 20mo DD has been doing the same thing for a few months now.

I really dont know how to deal with it either but I do know that she does do it out of frustration and doesnt know how else to express herself when she isnt liking the situation.

She has bitten a few of the kids at day care cause she was being "tormented". But sometimes she has done it cause another kid has stollen her toy off her or got into her comfort zone (ie. too close to her). She is an independent girl.

Saying no to her doesnt seem to help unfortunately.

I really dont know what to do either. I'm just hoping she'll grow out of it once she learns to talk better.

Looking forward to hearing what replies you get.

DD - 07.04.07 DS - 27.10.09

I hated the biting stage and dreading going through it again with DS.

I learnt a good method from DD's kindy when she went through it about 18 months. Basically when they bite, you yell loudly and put them straight down - ignour them. They often get a bit upset, but you have to leave them for a minute so they can learn to link their action with the reaction.

If you have some-one else around, make sure they bung attention on the victim, ignouring the biter. If its another kid, then make sure the victim gets the attention adn also watch out that the biter didn't do it to grab a toy from the victim. If so, make sure they don't get the toy.

I found this very effective with DD, took a few goes - but she soon learnt the link and stopped. She did go through the biting stage again later, when she was a bit older - that was out of frustrating to other kids and fighting over toys and things.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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