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Xmas Traditions for Toddlers Lock Rss

Hi - im looking for some xmas tradition ideas to get our 2 year old boy excited for xmas - as he's only little - he doesn't really understand - we put the tree up as a family and a friend suggested sprinkling "reindeer dust" on the lawn on xmas eve - but i was wondering if anyone else had any other nice traditions or ideas? THANKS!
I'm finding with my 3.5 year old that its stil too much for her to grasp. I tried an advent calader this year, but she really isn't getting it.

She loved putting the tree up and asks every day if its x-mas eve today - lol.

I think next year will be when we can kick in with more things and the excitement will grow.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

every year our kids get a new ornament for the tree, we write there name and what year it is on the back then hang it on the tree. now that DD is old enough she picks her own ornament.
last year we sprinkled little stars fom her bedroom door to the christmas tree and hung her stocking on her bed once she was asleep.
i have also been doing some christmas crafts with them this year which they are loving. we are making gifts for friends and family.
hope that helps some.

We wrote a letter to Santa and she told him that she had been a good girl - and she listed what she wanted for a present. (One present was a 'tattoo of a pig' and another was 'a piece of cheese'.

We wrote it up all nicely, then she decorated it with red and green pencils, then we walked out to the letter box and put it in there. I told her that Santa would collect it. Sure enough, the next day it was gone!!! I have just written her a letter from 'santa' saying thanks for your letter etc....

My mum used to do this for us, and we loved it. She has kept all the letters to and from Santa over the years.

hi my duaghter is 2 also, so i really wanted her to get excited about xmas so we put the tree up together (her way!) and i also went to visit santa at the local shopping centre and i brought her a santa sack (stocking) and i have put it near the tree empty and have told her that on xmas eve she has to leave santa some cookies and milk (or maybe a short black) and when shes asleep he will come to fill up the stocking so everyday she keeping looking to see if the stocking has been filled! i have tried those calendars with chocolate but most of them have gone already...but i think the less details you go into the esaier it is for them to understand. All we do is re-enact xmas eve with her doing the actions of santa creeping in and her sleeping and her pretending to wake up and being suprised! she tells everyone the story of how santa comes at night!! good luck
[Edited on 13/12/2008]
I was just about to ask the same question... My DS is oly 21 months but he semi is getting the idea about santa. He'll walk around saying santa all day.

I want to have something special that we do as a family each year. His helped me put up the christmas tree and his got a advent cal already but I want some ideas that we can carry on when he grows up. I was thinking today we have a chrissie eve party at our house with all my family and I was going to look for a great egg nog recipe. Maybe do that ever chrissie eve make up a huge one for all us to share. Does anyone know how I can make it?
I also would love ideas on this one! My DS is 2 on the 21st of Dec. So I haven't got in to the christmas side of things yet. I want him to get excited about his birthday 1st. A friend said a good one for her children is that christmas eve they go for a drive around town to look at all the lights and they intend to keep this as a tradition every year. I thought this was a great idea that way DS would know it was christmas the next day. Other than that and the ornament idea I am absolutly lost!!


I work in retail so christmas eve night for us has to be a low not full on day as mum is ver worn out etc.

First of all we all have tosted sandwages which is great we use stuff you use at christmas time like turky, ham etc and we love making a full plate sitting down to watch a christmas movie. We then have milkshakes made with bananas and honey etc just for the kids.

then we all climb into bed for a book or 2 christmas stories and then all fall asleep. Exept often mummy and daddy get up to do some stuff around the house.

We also leave out cookies and milk for santa and we do the raindeer dust or food (the kindy my older son gose to made a bag of it for each kid and we put it on a plate neer the garden.

TTC a baby girl

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