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NO OTHER WAY TO SAY IT - DRY HUMPING 2YR OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

My DS is 2.5yrs and has always been a 'humper'. It used to only occur at bed time when he puts his hands under his tummy and down toward his crotch and bumps his bottom up and down. It was always just his 'tired' sign, but recently he is really (and i mean really) getting into it and doing it everywhere, very inappropriate places too, its very embarrasing when old people ask what he is doing?!?!?!? He has even taken his nappy off and done his little hump on the floor or bed. Even our little Santa doll got a turn (LOL) What do I do. I know I should probably ignore it as all the 'books' say its normal because its a pleasant sensation for them but its getting to the stage where its not possible to ignore. I distract him but 2 seconds later he is at it again. I smack him but again he's back to it. What do you suggest.

Mum to DD 5 DS 2

Hi, my DD who is the same age as your DS does the same thing but only started doing it when we took her dummy away about 4 mths ago. She typically only does it when she is tired but it is very embarresing when we have people over and she starts doing it on the couch right in front of them. I try not to comment on it as like you say, all the books say its normal and I hope she will grow out of it in time.
Sorry I know I didn't really answer your question but I just wanted you to know that you're not alone.
I'm also happy to hear from anyone who has advice or been through this with their child.
My 2 1/2 year old DD does it as well, usually only at home in her bed or sometimes when she's laying on the bean bag watching tv - I leave her to it as you are right, it is a normal thing for them to do. I think the more fuss you make the more attention you draw to it and they are still too young to understand its not appropriate... well not in front of others smile Thankfully my DD doesnt do it in public but if she did I'd do my best to distract her with something else.

I dont think you should smack him for it, its not naughty - try distraction, another activity, stickers, toys, going outside but I reckon if you are home alone leave him to it or try and encourage him to only do it in his room. They only do it cause it feels good so would be very confusing to him to get in trouble for it.
Oh , I belong here!! My 2yo DD is a humper as well. She humps the side of the lounge, the floor, toys anything. i was so worried, and i made a point of saying in a stern voice, " we sit our bottoms on the chair" so she thought i was upset that she wasnt sitting properly on the lounge. i asked daycare and they noticed as well, but said its normal and went along with me,, when she would humpt he toys at daycare, they would say, Hop off m ., you will squash the toys, like take the focus off the humping and onto the the thing she was humping. They said there were signs they could tell if there was anything sus going on and I needed to know about, but she is perfectly normal and they werent concerened at all. i did find out that a little boy humped everything in his sleep , so maybe she got it from there?? I don't know, but i made a point to say, that she definately does not see that at it is embarrassing, but she hasnt done it in ab9out a week, . We even have a code for my older kids to let me know she was hummping everything, and i tell you i was bnack in the lounge room every 30 seconds, she just couldnt get enough, the tiles in the shower, the carpet, oh i just cringe!!! but yes i found just not focusing on the humping and making it into a diversion or about how we dont sit on the side of the lounge or squash toys!! I have never had a humper as such before so this was a real eye opener for us!
My son does this occassionally too, generally when he is tired or feeling upset. I don't think it's sexual at all, just a comfort thing for them.

I never tell him off or make a deal out of it, but if i see him doing it i will try to distract him with something else. That works 90% of the time and he will forget all about it.

My mum said i used to do it as a child too.

Good luck, hopefully they grow out of it soon smile
A friends son used to do the same thing. She used to walk out of the room and go and find something to do where she couldn't see him doing this. He hardly ever does it now and he is just over 3. The best thing is to not draw attention to it. If people ask just tell them its his tired sign most will understand especially the older folk.

my son does the same thing...but its not humping, he 'flops his willy out' anywhere, anytime in front of anyone. VERY embarrassing ! ive finally taught him that its not appropriate to do in public or front of other now he puts it away before he gets out of the car ! lol.
i discourage the behaviour and distract him, tell him he can do it in his room but not in front of others etc.
working in child care, ive seen it a hundred times and yep its completly normal...when other parents have talked to me about their child doing this i often tell them at this age they can't tell the different between what is appropriate and what isnt. much like they get a good feeling from sucking their thumb, humping/touching down there gives them a good feeling. simple as that. their private parts are no different to them from their other body parts at this age. so long as their are no other signs of anything to be concerned about than i wouldn't worry, i dont believe its something to be told off about. just limited and discouraged in public/in front of people etc.

Danni, WA,

If you have had the conversation about body parts and privacy, I would just tell him that it is fine for him to do that but it is private so he should go into his room/ somewhere private to do it. If not, i would start by talking to him about his genitals being a private part of his body, and then talk about it being ok for him to touch/play with himself but that it is private. We have a similar situation because my DS is a complete nudist, and we have told him it is fine to take his clothes off at home with mummy and daddy, but that he has to wear clothes in other places because parts of his body are private. i wouldn't worry too much though - they all go through it ! Good luck!!

my 2.5 year doesnt hump, but he thinks it is hilarious to get his penis out and stretch it out as far as it will go! it looks painful but he laughs his head off at it! if he is playing with it in front of ppl or in public i pick him up or give him something to play with. i spose then when he is older i can explain to him that it is fine to play with it, but do it in his room with the door shut.


WOW, where were all these "humpers, flashers and nudests" when I was going mad....let me explain "our situation".

DD was born with a fused labia which wasn't picked up until she was 8 months old, I had noticed that she would lay on the floor and rock back and forth. Anyway she was relieving itchiness due to the fusing of the labia. After her "bits" were fixed up she continued to Hump stuff but mainly just layed on a hard floor, she would do it anywhere, really embarrassing. She is 5.5 now and only in the last 6 months have I noticed that she hardly does it anymore, hopefully she has grown out of it or learned that it is private behavior. Tiredness would set her off, I am worried that she will "do it" at school when the teacher makes them have a lay down in the afternoon. I don't want to say something to the teacher in case it never happens, how would I say it anyway. Dear Mrs Jack....My DD may or may not hump the cushion during nap time, please use a distraction for her, lmao smile

Anyway ladies sorry about the essay but lets all hope our darling children get much more productive hobbies, lol


Mum of three amazing people

My sisters son who is 3 has been doing it for nearly a year now.

He just does it where ever when ever...

The other night we were out for dinner and He and his brother were playing the pin ball machine and he was on a chair so he could see and it was perfect inlinement with the side of the pinball machine....very funny...

She has taken him to the docs about it and he said he would grow out of it (nearly a year ago) no luck yet smile
thanks everyone for letting me know im not alone and my son is not a sex fiend!!!!

He is still at it all the time lately but did have a couple of 'hump' free months. We currently just send him into his room for privacy and his poor little willy gets soooo red, we hope he realises soon that its not good to do it all the time. My main concern is my 5.5yr old daughter watching him and wondering why he does it.

Thanks for all your input, keep them coming.

Mum to DD 5 DS 2

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