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valco skateboard??? Lock Rss

Hi there, Im expecting twins in June and trying to sort out pram options and was wondering what anyone thought of the toddler skateboards that are around??? Love to hear pro's and cons. As I will have 3 kids under 25 months, I just want soem thing that is going to be easy and hassle free. Look forward to hearing from you all, x


Hi there! I think that it would depend on what Mia is like out and about. Does she like to sit in the pram or does she like to walk, and when she does walk does she walk nicely ie not run away!!!! Both my boys HATE sitting in a pram for any length of time so I bought a twin pram second hand just until my first was old enough to "walk nicely" or to stand on the skateboard. My eldest has just turned 3 and I've been using the skate board for about6mths and he really likes standing on it, but everytime I stop to look at something he'll get off (which is annoying)!

I think it depends on what you do too! Do you like to go walking? Also how often do you go to the shop etc etc

I did also use a sling a lot of the time and I really liked the Bubzilla one because you can use that from new born to 3 yrs - I still used it occasionally for my 17mth old it take the pressure of my back instead of carrying him!

Hope that helped a little
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