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Boys and Dolls Houses Lock Rss

Ok HONEST opinions, would it be nuts of me to get DS (an only child) a Dolls house, yes its girly colours too LOL.

He will be 3 in four months, and he LOVES dolls houses etc... what kid doesnt! lol But would you find it odd or creepy lol, to go to someones house who only has a little boy, and there is a dolls house there?
I can get him a cool motorbike or something to park in the garage hahah

Ok, tell me honestly.....

nope dont find it weird at all
i personally dont see a problem with it.. you can always repaint it so its not so girly, and instead of dolls, use say, figurines? just boy it up a bit? but seriously, at his age, he doesnt know the difference between boys and girls....

the 3yo girl i have here, has no concept of dolls, but give her a car, or toy bike..... and its not thru lack of dolls believe me

If he loves it then I say get him one. My mum has a wooden one at her house that has a bear family instead of dolls and my #1 DS loves it! It's great for their imagination.

Go for it!!!
My DS LOVES DD's dollhouse, its only a little people one though, I would love to buy them both a nice big one, Luke uses the little people one all the time though
personally if my first child was a boy i would never have got him one as i would have to be what you call narrow minded
but my boy who is my third loves playing with the girls doll house he will just play like a normal child he runs his cars up and down the stairs
so now seeing how much enjoyment darcy gets i would never thing it strange if the only child male had a dolls house

This is the one i was thinking of getting, just coz its a good price, but i have heaps of Lil People things to put in it.

We have LOTS of little girls visiting all the time too!

GRRR thats annoying, didn't put the right page up. just find Page number 17 LOL
[Edited on 12/05/2009]

It is very pink. you could paint it though.

Not strange at all Nikki. If Choppy likes Doll House's get him one, it's a simple equation, to me anyways, LOL.

When I only had the boys, we had baby dolls and a couple of strollers. I never really thought what other people might make of it TBH. The boys used to have a ball with them. Trinity got a massive, decked out, FP Loving Families house for Christmas and Josh who is almost 6 plays with it almost as much as her, LOL.

Kids are so not gender specific at this age, enjoy it while it lasts I say!!
Bugs has a train set. I didn't hesitate to buy it so why should you hesitate to buy a toy for your son? It is just that, a toy.
I think it is very normal for boys to love playing with dolls houses but I understand your deliema with putting a "girls" playhouse in your DS room. So, I was wondering if you've thought of looking for something like a farmhouse? He would love playing with it in the same way but it wont seem so out in a boys room and he may not grow out of it as quickly.
As you have mentioned, I too would be concerned about other people visiting commenting - not that it would bother me, but I would hate DS to hear remarks and think there is something wrong with him playing with his toy, iykwim? You may not have friends or family members like this, but I know what my brothers would be saying if they saw that in my DS's room.

This site has a farmhouse as an example (sorry you'll have to copy&paste I don't know how to link!!)Otherwise, I think the suggestion about painting the house "boy" colours would help a lot if you do buy it.

Mary, Choppy has the stroller and Babies, and a kitchen, but DF is very "boys toys" type of a person, he has already said he wouldn't really like it (He isn't game to say No to me LMAO)

Loz82, my brothers would be the same as yours! lol, That farm looks fab! but twice the amount i kind of wanted to spend, LOL, maybe i'll look at the Sylvanian Family Houses,they are kind of Neutral colours hey?

The fact that its a "girls" toy doesn't worry me in the slightest, id happily buy it, but i guess for once i have to take Mutts opinion into consideration LOL, it is his son too haha

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