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Toddler toe walking.. Lock Rss

Hi seems like DS is giving me a case of the worries lately..

He has been walking since he was around 12months, hes now 16m and for the last few weeks walks around a lot on his toes..My sister baby sat for a few hours yesterday and commented on how he likes to walk on his toes a lot..
I know he doesnt have autism, he is a loving and very clever little boy..I have been doing some research and it could be linked to other things.

Anyone else toddler doing this or am I worring for nothing..Thanks for any replies..

My DD does the same thing and so did her older brother (now 15). I don't think it is anything to worry about, I think its just a phase! He grew out of it as I'm sure DD will also.

mum of 2 little princesses & 1 prince!!

My toddler (17m) also does the same thing recently.
Maybe it is just their stage like to try a different thing.

Hi my DD is almost 3 and still walks on her toes> We think now it seems to be out of habit...she knows she can go faster on her toes> We were worried about it so had her at a podatrist and she had shortened tendons because of the toe walking we did some exercises and she had some orthotics. she will walk flat footed when we remind her
my neice did exactly the same thing everyone said she would grow out of it but she didnt. shes sixteen and still walks on her toes. from years of doing this her feet are splayed and she has quite big calfs and thighs cause there so muscley from being on her toes twenty four seven. she had an operation when she was younger to lenghten her tendons and stuff at the back of her calves but it didnt work. her mum tried everything to make her walk on flat feet but nothing worked. id keep an eye on it if i was you just to make sure if its a stage or not.
Thanks everyone for your replies..I will admit I am worried about the achilles tendon problem..however while watching him more now I find he doesnt do it with shoes on, he tries but just walks flat perhaps for a few hours a day I may leave his slippers or shoes on to prevent the tendon from tightening..

On the other hand it may just a stage he is going through and may stop doing it all together next week.. but for now, we'll still nickname him twinkle toes.. on a funnier note I told my DH he may be a ballet dancer..DH rolled his eyes..I pointed out a lot of actors started of with ballet..
Thanks again everyone and take care..

My DD's not walking yet, but has been going to a physio and Occupational Therapist for Tactile Defensiveness (a sensory processing problem where the sense of touch is affected) and they both said that there are many reasons why kids will walk on their toes, and that long term toe walking is not good. Imagine wearing stilettos 24hrs a day.

Erin's in a high risk category due to her not liking to touch the floor with her feet. A child with tactile defensiveness will walk on their toes so they have as little skin in contact with the ground/floor as possible. Especially on textured surfaces (grass, carpet, sand etc)

As its only presented in the last couple of weeks for your DS, its probably unlikely to be this, but I thought I'd give you a reason why it can happen.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

My DD does this from time to time. She has just turned 2 and tbh I didn't really notice it until my MIL pointed it out. She works in one of those Child Health community clinic places. MIL told me to keep an eye on it, as it can lead to problems (most likely the tendon issue ppl were talking about).
Isabelle only seems to do it when her shoes are off and I'm not really worried as it's not constant. To me, it seems as if it's just something different and fun to do... you know how they experiment and are always learning new things that they can do.
Just thought I'd let you know that... If it's only from time to time when he's barefoot then maybe he's the same as my DD.
Hope that helps.
Thanks Bec and Kellie..

There does seem to be all sorts of reasons why this happens, and I guess it got me a bit worried as my other 2 didnt do this at all..thanks for reply's, and while he is still doing it, I'm keeping a close eye on things..just to be on the safe side..Thanks again for your help..

jazz did the same thing,
just put shoes on her a lot more and slippers and she soon learnt to walk flat footed and now she mainly weres shoes when out side,

its a normal thing to go through even pointing there toes in and there knees in too,


My 17 month old DS has just started to do this too. I was wondering why he was having a few falls so I watched him and saw he was up on his toes running. I hope it's just a phase they all go through.
When I originally wrote this thread DS had been toe walking for a number of weeks..however over the last few days its getting less and less..I think its just a phase he is going through, though I do understand that it can be caused by certain problems and I guess its something to keep and eye on, and if it persists into months then maybe its worth checking out..
His latest phase now is climbing on the t.v unit (its a low lying one) and standing in front of the

Take care all

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