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Becoming a Mum Lock Rss

Would you be interested in sharing your stories about becoming a Mum?

I am conducting research on how it really feels when a woman becomes a Mother and leaves a part of herself behind. The information collected will eventually (hopefully!) become published although your privacy would be completely respected. I am interested in talking to a range of Mothers so it doesn't matter whether you are new to Motherhood or whether you have been a Mum for many years.

If you are interested and completing questionnaires on a semi regular basis (once every 2-3 weeks) please private message me with your e-mail.

Questionnaire topics will range from:

Initial transition from work to home
Feeling lonely
Relationship with Partner
Body issues
Relationship with 'childless' friends
Making the decision to stay at home or return to work

Thank you
I am a mother of one, aged 2 and would love to help with your questionnaires. Just let me know how I go about it.
Hi Mary-Anne,
I would love it if you are able to help me. If you could private message me your e-mail address, a broader explanation of what I am doing and the first survey will be sent out to you on Sunday 14th June.
I don't know if i'm to late to be a part of this but would love to help, sounds interesting.
I will send you my e-mail address.
[Edited on 15/06/2009]
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