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2yr old hitting other kids at childcare Lock Rss

My two year old is randomly and seemingly for no reason hitting and scratching other kids at his childcare centre. Not in a fit or anything, apparently he will just walk up to a kid hit them once or twice but hard enough to hurt and then walks away. The ladies at childcare a re very concerned with this behaviour obviously but i have no idea what i can do. He isn't like that at home.

While this is distressing behaviour (for you mostly smile it is perfectly normal and I think that the ladies at childcare should be more than aware of this and have strategies in place to deal with it... if not there's something amiss there.

Time out is the usual way to deal with it, removing him from toys and play and telling him no hitting/pushing or whatever it was.

There can be various reasons for it... or no reason at all. He may be doing it to get attention (negative or positive its still attention) - he probably doesnt do it at home as he doesnt have to compete for attention there. They usually have no idea what they are doing is hurting so its a matter of teaching them that this is not the right thing to do.

We had a kid do this at playgroup, it was also random - his mum would consistently tell him no and put him in timeout... he grew out of it and learnt not to do it.

Have a chat to the workers and discuss the approach to take, they should be offering assistance and support - there's not much you can do when you are not there so they need to be dealing with it.

My little man (17 months) does this all the time. Today he even try to hit a man in the supermarket because he came close to our trolley, LOL. He also hits me and his dad as well. We have not tried the timeout method yet - what we do is say no hitting, hold his hand (so he cant move it) and count out loud to three. He struggles to get free and does not like this so he usually will stop hitting. Till the next time anyway.
Its hard to believe that daycare have not seen this behaviour before. It sounds completely normal to me!!
Hi Lozwotts, I can't help at all but just wanted to tell you that you're not alone. We've been having the same problem with DS for 6 months now and I'm really at my wits end. I'm told that it's a phase and they will grow out of it but it's so hard when you're in the middle of it.

Try talking to the carers. At my DS childcare centre they take the child aside and talk to them about how we don't hurt our friend, use words not hands etc and use positive words. Maybe that would help? At home I have used time out, confiscation of toys and millions of other consequences but nothing seems to work for us.

I know that hasn't helped but just wanted to let you know that it's apparently common behaviour. Stay strong!

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