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I'm ready for another but need advice... Lock Rss

We have a 17 month old daughter and I'm ready for number two however DP isnt ready, I could really use some advice on how to stop the really serious cluckyness.

Little Miss 20months and Now Baking #2

we have just started TTC#2, and DS is 16 months. DH wasn't keen on it when i brought it up, but i did manage to convince him it would be good for DS to have a sibling.

have you had a good chat to him and asked him what his concerns are? there were a few diff concerns my DH had. DH's main worries were finanacial (i said that we already have the big ticket items so we won't have to spend so much in preparation this time); that something would go wrong, as in birth defect or miscarriage and he didn't think he could handle going thru the stress again (i said that everyone worries about that and there isn't much you can do about it), and he also stresses about SIDS.

the thing that helped sway DH in the end was seeing DS with a little baby. DS was so excited and touched the baby gently and loves being around other kids.

i don't know if it is possible to stop the cluckiness (unless you constantly think about labour pains/stitches etc and sleepless nights and reflux and colic lol that might put you off!!!)

sorry can't help you just wanted to say i'm in the same boat sad i wish i knew how to make it go away. Our dd is almost 2.5 & i've been ready for #2 since the start of this year but dp isn't any where near being ready. he may never be ready sad every time i bring it up it just no i don't want anymore end of discussion sad i love my dp & i love my daughter to death but i really want another one. Dont know what i am going to do guess i just keep on trying 2 change his mind & hope that his sis having a baby at the end of the year will make him clucky as well.

Good luck & if you finf a way to make the cluckyness go away pls let me know.
DH and I were the same. When Ds was almost 2 I wanted to start TTC but he was not ready. To me it was really important to have Dh make the decision to have another one without me pushing him into it, so I got on Depo so that I knew I would not have another unexpectedly. Recently I brought the subject back up, and a year after I originally started talking about it we have finally set a date to get off BC.

I don't think there really is a cure for cluckiness which is why I chose to take Depoprevara cause then I knew that for at least 3 mo I couldn't make a baby, and so that gave me a bit of releif from the longing for another child.

be careful with the depo needle i was on it for over a year & had alot of side effects & i've heard it takes ages for fertility to return. I'll never ever use it again but hopefully you are one of the lucky ones & don't have any trouble.

Good luck smile
OMG OMG OMG! I won, the pill is in the bin and we're trying but not trying (if that makes sense)either way I consider us now to be TTC with out all the OPK and waiting, if it happens it happens. Yet considering it didnt take much for DD I'm hoping it wont take much this time! I'm so EXCITED!

Little Miss 20months and Now Baking #2

congrats smile i'm jealous! good luck!
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