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Activities for a 2.5 year old Lock Rss

Hi there
I have a very active 2.5 year old son. Lately I have noticed that he has been getting bored a lot quicker than usual. He is an only child (maybe we'll have another baby in a few years time, but no immediate plans), and does go to childcare 3 days a week, we also participate in Kindergym and spend a lot of time at home playing cars, shops, making music and dancing, or going to the local playground.

I'd love to hear what your toddlers favourite games/toys/activities are as I am sure it would give me some great ideas.

DD1 loves the trampoline. As soon as she's outside she is up climbing on it. Other than that she likes sitting a 'reading' books or drawing for her quiet time activities for when DD2 is sleeping.
We go swimming almost everyday aswell and in the afternoons maybe some gardening.
She is very outdoorsy but also loves the arty things like drawing.

My boy it getting into puppets or role playing with different voices (he now tries to make them himself!)

...also still loves trains and cars. He has a train table which most definately is his favourite thing!

We also have just started changing words to nursery rhymes he knows..he thinks it is very funny!

He also love magnet books.

Hope this gives you new inspiration!!

Thanks for all your ideas! smile
Hi, It must be the age! My 2.8yr old son (also an only child)is obsessed with tools (we are rennovating!) he LOVES "fixing" things- we bought him his own set of real tools.

He also likes painting- with water and a paint brush outside, real paint, or those books that you paint with water.

Gluing objects onto card. (eg. coloured paper, feathers, glitter etc.) Cutting paper with scissors.

He also loves cleaning everything (I'm sure this will wear off!!)- he is always sweeping!

Um... threading, jigsaw puzzles, making tents with blankets, playdough (we make it together), cooking, gardening.

Hope this gives you some ideas.
Thanks Karen - some great ideas there!
[Edited on 28/01/2010]
Hi my DS1 is 2.2yrs and pretty much loves all the ideas stated above.
The last few days have been pouring with rain so today I made up a 'cubby house' with chairs and a sheet and set him up with cups plates and toys inside. He loved it and even had a picnic lunch in his house.

He's also completely happy with a bucket of water and a pile of rocks and sticks. LOL

'Painting' with a bucket of water and a paint brush on concrete and pavement is also good, as it drys up they can just keep 'painting'.

Chalk is great for drawing outside anywhere as it just washes off.

A bubble maker is a good cheap investment, my DS will spend ages chasing and snapping the bubbles.

Felt boards, tools / fixing things, dancing/music, cooking, drawing, painting, gardening.

Keep coming with the great idaes guys I'm also interested in reading them.
[Edited on 28/01/2010]

Take Care Gem, Mannix and Colton

hi thanks for posting this!! I welcome so many of your ideas! im going though the same with my son the same age.

Iv finally organised his room so in one box he has his cars in another has his trains etc... He loves it! His fav is the crft box he loves painting drawing etc...

Im going to invest in a sandpit for him though he just loves being outside getting dirty...

Thanks again. xox
My DS is 2.3yrs and is also another only child! He loves being outside and I have a maxi climber for him as well as a sandpit. I put a bucket of water outside next to his sandpit so he gets wet and dry play.

He has also just started imaginative play, he loves to pretend to cook. I have found that while I am cooking he can sit up at the bench with his playdough (that I make) and he "chops, stirs etc". Its a great way to have him involved as well as out of my hair smile

We do cooking together, he makes his one sandwiches and pizzas, this he finds is GREAT fun!

Another cheap alternative is to become a "Friend Of The Zoo". We were given this as a present and it allows us to visit the zoo as many times as we like in a year. It is a fab present and we have used it many times. We choose so many anilmas to visit, we pack a lunch and off we go. It is a great few hours out, lots of exercise and the look on my little ones face when he sees all the animals is just great!

Hope this helps
'Friends of the Zoo' is a great idea, we went on Monday and it cost us $26 just to get in, do that a few times and it will very quickly cost more than buying a yearly pass.

Keep the ideas coming!
i give my 2.3 yrs old daughter a padlock with its bunch of keys (safer tied with kitchen string instead of the metal) and she'd spend hours putting the key in and trying to open it.

also a simple tube she took out of a non working pump is her latest hit; she talks through one side and puts the other one near her ear to hear her echo

a shoe string and a colander are also great fun threading

i put a dropsheet and sit down on the floor with her to mix a cake together; it's a lot more fun than the bench top!


Hi all - I have been inspired to start compiling a list that I am sure will keep growing .... Note that I'm from Adelaide, so some of these items will be SA specific.

Hope it is useful smile


Blowing / popping bubbles
Card games (snap) / puzzles
Clothes sorting - when folding the washing ask them to sort the washing into
piles with you. Mummies, Daddies and theirs
Cut & paste craft
Dancing – DVD, music
Dress ups
Help cook real dinner / cakes / biscuits
Helping with housework - I wish!
Internet – ABC website games
Obstacle course
Painting / colouring
Play doh
Pretend cooking / restaurant
Reading books
Simon Says - practice turn taking with "Simon says
Sock puppets
Tea party
Teddy bears’ picnic
Tents (sheets/blankets)


Blowing / popping bubbles
Chalk drawing on pavement
Gardening – plant new seedlings
Nature Hunt collect bark, small twigs, seed pods etc ... make a collage out of the things you find
Obstacle course
Pirate Ships / cubby houses
Ride tricycle / car
Running / chasing
Simon Says - practice turn taking with "Simon says"
Sports - kicking/throwing ball etc
Teddy bears’ picnic
Treasure hunt – hide items in the backyard
Water garden / sprinkler (depending on water restrictions of course)


Gumeraccha Big Rocking Horse and animals
Bike ride
Fly a kite at oval
Indoor playground
Library – reading time, toy library
Play dates / visiting
Semaphore Beach Kite Festival (March / April)
Victor Harbor – Granite Island, fairy penguins, see whales at winter time
Visits to family, Nanna's house, cousins etc
Zoo – Adelaide, Monarto, Cleland, Gorge Road, Warrawong Sanctuary, Hahndorf Farm Barn
Beerenberg Strawberry Farm at hahndorf(October – May)

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