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bed when to put dd in big bed Lock Rss

When did you or do you plan on putting your child into a big bed. Is 18 months to early. my dd has never attempted to climb out of her cot or anything. not sure when ???


I think its up to the child, my first was 2 1/2 - she slept beautifully in the cot, never tried climbing out but at 2 1/2 she was getting a bit big plus her sister was on her way smile

Our second is 13 months now and is already showing signs of being a climber so she'll probably be out well before 2.
I took the cot rails off DD cot at 13months. I have got a toddler bed for her but am waiting until I can get to Adelaide to get the rest of the bedroom suite to match before we set it up. She never climbs out of bed at night or anything, she has been great with it and has never fallen out which is great! She does however get up during the day when I put her down for a nap, she will usually drag her pillow and blanket under the cot and fall asleep there, ODD! lol ..
i put DS#1 in a bed at 16mths and DS#2 at 17mths

I put my son in a big bed at 18months and never had a problem. I think it depends on the child. The only problem we had is on night 3 he decided he just wanted to go to the gate so we shut his door now. We started with a mattress on the floor though as he was a late walker which was lucky because he rolled off the end of his bed one night. I now put a rolled up doona at the end of the bed and he hasn't done it since.

You can always give it a go. We went cold turkey in that DS watched us pack up his cot and set up his bed. It was a novelty for quite a while which was great. 2 months later you still hear him cracking himself up. Not sure what he is doing but it is quite funny.

Good Luck!!
My boys were approx 2yrs when they went into beds. They got out a few times but all in all it was a pretty good transition. They come into my room now every morning, haha. I love hearing their little pitter patter of feet on the tiles as they make their way down the hall. They are 2 1/2 & 3 1/2 yrs now smile

I put my son in a big bed when he was 14 months mainly because he was horrible in his cot, he a restless sleeper and it was to small for him to move around without banging or hitting himself in some way. I think whenever you feel is right for your child. We have never looked back as soon as we put him in his big bed we got sleep from 7.30 - 8am smile it was bliss.

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