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Trying to get bottle of my 2 year old Lock Rss

Hi need help i have a 2 year who will not go to bed without having a bottle I have tried a cup but will have the biggest trantum to have a bottle sometimes it goes on for over an 1 hr or until i give her a bottle i don't know what to do if she wakes during the night she will not go back to sleep without having a bottle help please i have tried being strong but this has been going on for about 2 weeks now
Hi Allymumto3

Does it really matter that she has a bottle? If it's a routine/comfort thing and she is not going to bed with the bottle and you brush her teeth afterwards. I am sure she will give it up when she is ready. My DD1 is exactly the same and I've just let her go with it and tonight she wanted her milk in a cup and drank the lot!!
Yeah I agree with the last post, why are you fighting it so much? If she wants a bottle just let her have it. It's obviously what she wants and comforts her, and then she sleeps for you - what could be wrong with that??? She will eventually decide in her own time when she doesn't want it anymore, so I would say stress less and just go with it.
While i agree with the previous posters, if you really want her to get rid of the bottle, have you tried putting water in the bottle and milk in a cup? At 2, she should understand that if she wants milk she can have it in a cup, but if she wants a bottle it just has water in it. That way, you are not actually taking the bottle away from her, but you are reducing its attractiveness if you know what i mean? She can still have a bottle if she really wants it, it just has water not milk.

The only reason a bottle is not recommended for kids over 2 is that milk can pool in their mouths and erode their teeth. If she is only having water in the bottle, there is no worry. It also reduces the likelyhood she will insist on one overnight.

Good luck!

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