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"Faking" an injury Rss

I took my 19mth DD to daycare at 9am today and everything was perfectly normal. I got a call at 11am to say that she was limping quite badly and had she hurt herself at all... Couldn't remember her falling over and hurting herself so the carer said she'd keep an eye on her and see what happens. Got another call about 1/2 hr later, saying that she could not bear any weight on foot and could I please come to collect her. So I went to pick her up, but when she saw me she took 4 little limpy steps, then started RUNNING like nothing was ever a problem.

Has anyone else had a child of this age fake an injury for any reason? I can't figure out why she would have done this, she loves her daycare lady, and is normally a really good kid.

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

I have never heard of anything like it before lol, I thought they were too little to lie at that age but your story just made me laugh. Maybe she missed you today and wanted some mummy time?
When my ds was three he complained of a sore tummy. He gripped it and curled into a ball, cried and moaned in agony. After asking if he needed to poo, to which he said no, I tried to console him. Asking him all sorts of questions about where the pain was, what it felt like, etc.
Finally, after about 30min. I felt something was truely wrong. I asked if he needed to go to the doctors and he cried 'Yes'. Carrying him and putting him in the car he moaned and cried all the way!

The doctor could find no reason for his 'pain' and told me to keep and eye on him and if he got worse, bring him back in. As we left, my ds walked out normally and jumped back into the car. Back at home he started running around and playing with his big brother. I was confused so I asked him if he was still sore. 'No' Hmmmm... I asked if he was pretending to which he looked sooooooooo quilty the answer was obvious! unsure Why? I don't know! I wouldn't say for attention because he had me all to him self for the day. Perhaps he needed a bit of excitement in his life or was honing his acting skills! huh

My SIL has a son who misbehaved in daycare all the time so mummy would have to come and get him and take him home!

Perhaps your dd just needed an extra cuddle today or something else happened to make her want your presence and reassurance. At least it's good news that her leg/foot was ok! smile

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