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not sure if this is 'normal'... Lock Rss

i'm starting to really worry bout my son. he's 19 months old and when ppl come over, he throws himself on the ground and chucks a big tanty. i know he's shy but is this normal behaviour? the only person he doesnt do that to is my mother-in-law.
It sounds pretty normal to me - my dd1 still does it occasionally and dd2 has just started doing it.

In your case, it could be his way of getting your attention if he's realising that when people come over he doesnt get your undivided attention. Just a bit of separation anxiety.
Is it a new thing? How long has he been doing it for?

Ive never heard of it as a 'long term' thing.
Definitely nothing to worry about, it will be an attention thing, probably realises that when people come over, he wont be getting your full attention. My 16mth old is really bad at it, not really when people come over,but if she doesnt get her own way she will chuck herself on the floor and cry, or if i dare to pick up anyone elses child! down she will go!! she hates me interacting with other kids, i think she thinks im all hers smile Its just something they will grow out of, i just ignore it when she does it.

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