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Explaining death Lock Rss

My poor cat that i have had and loved dearly for the last 11 years was run over on sat by me i feel so guilty and was beside myself with grief and my 3 year old is asking where she is and when she is coming home im not sure how to explaine this to him.

I do miss my cat badly and the guilt of hitting her is horrible.
Oh, that is sooo sad for you all, especially in the circumstances. Big Hugs.

In regards to explaining death, we have had to explain the departure of 3 great-grandparents to DS within the space of 1 year. Although he was about 18 months old when the first one died, he was 2.5 by the time the last one passed away.
We just said that great-grandad etc etc went to have a very big sleep as he was very tired and sick, and we wont be able to see him any more. But he went to heaven and he can see us and we can still talk to him if we want to.
I think it worked, as one day he was just staring up at the clouds, waved his hand and said blah blah something something I couldnt catch, and then "Bye Nonna".

We also tried not to cry tooo much in front of him, but when he did see us crying he would come over and try to make us better and we just explained that we were sad about great-grandad dying etc.

I am sure there are some books available too which can help expalin the whole death thing, and I think in "The Mighty Toddler" there might also be a section on explaining death to little children.

Good luck with it smile

His Royal Highness, Prince William

Oh hun

I am sorry for your loss. sad

We lost a cat just after Christmas from a snake bite.

DS, 2 & 1/2, keeps asking where she is, even though he knows. He refers to her grave & says that is where she is.

After posting about her death, one lovely lady suggested drawing some pictures & making a kind of book about where our cat went & show him when he asks about her. So I did that & it helps. But it was hard to do, emotionally & I am no artist LOL!

My mum gave him a small cat soft toy that he was playing with at their house one day. He calls it the cats name & sleeps with it now. I think this has made a huge difference also.

He doesn't ask about where she is so much since having the toy.

We are putting a memorial on her grave also, so he is helping wih that.

Hope you find something that works. It is difficult & made harder while you are trying to deal with your grief also.

All the best hun & again, sorry for the loss of your special 4 legged family member.

Big hugs xxxxxxxxx
GBH Years ago mum ran over our cat. The way she explained it to my younger siblings was that the cat was sick and was up in the sky. I understood the actual story i was 10 and the cat was very sick as it was also about 12 years old. Mum felt guilty for ages she and i were bailing our eyes out that night.
Thanks everyone for your replys im thinking i might plant a nice rose bush or somwthing next to her grave and get my son to help.

My poor little dog is so down as she lost her best mate they, were always together so now when i look at my dog i feel even worse i know it was an accident but i still feel guilty.
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