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what is your tip on pillow?
when will be the best for toddler to sleep on pillow?
I never gave mine a pillow until they went into a bed at around 2 years old.
DS moved to a bed at 14mths, I gave him a pillow at 18mths as he was using his teddy under his head at night

we put DD in a toddler bed at 18mnths with a v pillow, that way if she rolled over her head didnt fall off the pillow and it also gave her something to hug
My daughter was really sick one night she was about 12mths and i popped a pillow behind her so she would sit up! And from them i cant get rid of the pillow!!

My son it was 2 years!!
At about 12 months my DS developed obsesions with pillows. We had couch pillows and he would drag them on the floor and put his head down on them pretending he is sleeping. So thats when I got him his first pillow.

I bought mine from Bubs shop, as the one I tried from BigW was just too full and uncomfortable for him and created a bad angle between his body and head. Pillow from Bubs collapses almost down to the bed level, but soft and cuddly enough for him to enjoy it.
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