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Anyone work in a bank or know someone who does Lock Rss

I am wanting someone that works in a bank or any other financial institution to help me with a few questions for my assignment for my Diploma in Financial Services. If you could just message me back on here, or email me [email protected]


and thanks !!!

I work in a call centre for a bank

I work in a call centre for a bank

The questions are .
a. General Description of the organisation (including the financial services that it provides.

b. the external forces that impact on the organisation

c. The legislation, regulations and codes of practice that affect the organisation

d. The organisation's internal philosophies and ethical standards

e. The organisation's internal policies, procedures adn guidelines

Identify specific strategies used by the organisation to ensure conformity to appropriate financial services industry legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines.
Some suggested areas for discussion include:
a.Internal and external audits
b.Approval discretions
c.Policy, procedures and instruction manuals
d. Job descriptions
e. Staff assessments
f. Formal and informal staff training

Identify and discusss any instances where the behaviour of the organisation, or its staff, does not/did not conform to industry standards.
What steps has the organisation taken to rectify the situation? If the organisation hasnt taken any steps, what would you do/have done if you had been in charge?

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