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Huggies Crawler Nappies are smaller Lock Rss

I recently bought two boxes of huggie girl crawler nappies from Target. After opening the box and using some of the nappies, I have noticed that the nappies are smaller. They appear to be the same size as the infant nappies. I have compared them with a gf DD's infant nappies.

Has anyone else found this?

I called them to find out what pics are meant to be on the crawler nappies but she couldnt confirm this. The ones we have, has winnie and eyore on the front playing patty cake. also has pink and blue strips.````
from memory there was only a miniscule difference between them.

i don't think they have specific pics for different sizes either - i have had different pics from box to box.

Thats odd.

My DS is in the crawler nappies, and his are much bigger than the infant ones...

The infant boys nappies were too small for DS and he used to leak through them during the night. The tab things to close them only just did up.

Moved up to the boys crawler ones and they are perfectly fine...the tabs over lap each other so they are much bigger than the infant...

Maybe its different for the girls ones? Or maybe you got a bad batch?
What I noticed with the crawler nappies was if you brought a packet you know like the 50 or 60 in pack (can't remeber the exact number)they are a differnet size and better qaulity to the bulk ones. Not sure if you know what I mean but the small pack has bigger nappies with a better cover on it! Sounds strange but the bulk ones are smaller and just like infant!

I had a problem similar to this when my daughter was newborn. I bought 4 boxes of the newborn nappies and one box turned out to have closer to crawler size nappies in the box. I contacted huggies and they said that some of the nappies get made in another country (can't remember which) and I must have got a batch of those because they were significantly bigger than newborn. This was almost 2 yrs ago though, my daughter was a few weeks old.

I've noticed the same thing in the huggies bulk box for boys, crawler (99 in the box). They are slightly smaller than when you buy then in the standard smaller packs (24's)....
I'm going through a box at the moment that I have to fiddle with and stretch heaps to get them to open out and go on properly. One of the first boxes of newborns nappies I bought where all glued shut!

Sometimes I think about changing brands but I can't find any that are as comfortable looking as the huggies.

Shrug, I suppose it's a case of taking the good with the bad. If only the world where perfect. LOL grin

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

You may like to contact our Customer Advisory Service who are happy to answer any questions you have about Huggies nappies <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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