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Hi, my daughter is 2 and we are considering starting swimming lessons. Do you think they are worth it at this age? I took her to the local pool today just for a fun play and she has been so so tired all day. I think it really took it out of her. Do you find this happens to your toddler after doing organised swimming lessons. Maybe we should wait until she is older? Would love your thoughts!
I have started taking my DS to swimming lessons since he was 7 months old (he is 14 months now). I think it is a good activity for them todo, if your daughter likes water. It is fun for them as most of it is play time at this age, but it also gives them a valuable life skill and teaches them what to do if they find themselves in the water.

He is normally very tired after it though. His lesson is at 11.30am, so after it is finished he gets his lunch and sleeps for a good 2 hours.
DS is 23mths and started swimming lessons 6 weeks ago, he loves it, you'll be suprised how much they actually learn at this age. And yes DS gets very tired after his lessons, his lesson starts at 1030 til 1100 and he always falls asleep in the car on the way home.
Both my kids started swimming lessons when they were 6 months old. I am confident that if my DD (3) and DS (5) were to fall into the water they would be able to get out. We do a lot of camping at beaches and dams, and i just wanted them to be able to save themselves if they were to fall. (I do still have them under constant supervision but things do happen) At that age its all about saving themselves if they fall not actual swimming so i did it for peace of mind. Both of my kids love it, its the highlight of there week.
we have been doing swimming lessons with DD since she was 19 months old. She is now 26 months old and she LOVES them! Its a really big highlight for the week for her...and me!! we have so much fun and its really just giving her confidence in the water and spending time with her. And then at tea that night she tells daddy all about it!! so cute!! smile
As for sleeping, sometimes she sleeps more, other times just the same. But food...for lunch I just can't fill her up!!
I started swimming lessons with our DD when she was just 5mths old, she is now almost 3. She has loved it since day one. When it came time for me to be out the water she did have a few lessons where she screamed her head off for me but I trusted the instructors when they said that she'll get use to it - and she did. She only cried for 3 lessons and now I take her to the edge of the pool, she sits and waits for her instructor and says 'bye mum'.

As one post said, they dont actually learn stroke correction but they do learn to close their little mouths if the fall into the water [most kids drown very quickly because of the fact they panic and swallow a lot of water] however if they can close their mouths you are given that little extra time to get to them. She has also learnt to 'respect' the water and the fact that it is very easy to get into trouble. If she falls into the water before we gave the sign we were told to let them go for a little bit [even though your instinct is to grab them] and they learn very quickly to wait until they are given the sign.

My advice? Go for it
great idea! never too young to start swimming lessons, the skills are so valuable to learn especially at a young age for water safety and water confidence, you would be surprised what they pick up even at a young age! google the laurie lawrence learn to swim dvd, it is excellent, i wish i had seen it when dd was younger as i would have started so much earlier!
We have just started swimming lessons for my 21mo son this term and he loves it. Its only 30mins but i dont think he could handle concentrating for much longer. He talks about it all week coz we go with one of his little friends hes always saying her name so im pretty sure he enjoys himself. It is honestly the highlight of both of our weeks smile
I started my little man at around 14 months, it's great for stimulation, and even though it's songs and games, the actions are starting to teach them the basic skills! A girl in our class has been doing lessons since she was 6 months and you can really tell, she's very confidant in the water, and knows all of the skills roughy so far, she's now around 16 months old. I think it teaches them vital life skills and the earlier the better! Great for their confidence as well!!
It does tucker them out but classes only go for half an hour which is plenty! Then they have a great sleep afterwards!!
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