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What age do kids refuse the pram? Lock Rss

Still can't make up my mind whether to buy a tandem pram, my DS is 26mths.

At what age do children start refusing to sit on a pram and prefer to walk around the shops?
My DS has been a pain with a pram since he could stand at 6 months. Once he could walk that was it for prams. I had DD when he was 26 months old and got a joovy caboose. Best purchase I have made as he just stands on the back most of the time and occasionally he sits down. If i try taking DD with single pram he gets jealous and wants to hop into the pram. He will be 3 in august but when he is tired I just grab him and get him to sit down saves a lot of time the chasing him everywhere
Really depends on your child's personality. My 6 1/2 year old would still happily go in the pram/pusher if she could - and in fact still occasionally does when her sister lets her. My nearly 4 year old still uses it if we are going to be walking for more than about 10 minutes.

I would go the double if you can afford it, or as the previous post said, the Joovy Caboose is fabulous. We hired one while on holiday in Melbourne and it was great. Really easy to fold and surprisingly compact.
It depends really on what you want to use it for.

My son is 28 months and is very happy in the pushchair, but I walk 8km a day so I would expect him to be happy. grin

Do you shop during his sleep times -if he still has them-? If the option is not avalible, is it going to make life harder to have to work around sleep times?

The other question I would ask myself is if I was ready to have a toddler unrestrained in a shopping centre.
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My son is 18 months and absolutely hates the pram or anything that restrains him, I'm hoping he'll get over it. grin
I'm kind of in the same situation. DD will go in the pushchair if she is tired, but we can't afford to buy a double - we've got a Mountain buggy so I'm keeping an eye out for those skateboard things that go on the back secondhand. They have these new scooter attachments, but they are REALLY expensive. My plan is to put the new baby in the pushchair but bring a frontpack as well, so that when DD packs a sad I can carry the baby and stick DD in the pushchair. I don't know how it is going to work out but it'll have to do for now!! Unless I can find someone who can lend me a double...
Mine are 3 & 4, and we only use the double pusher now for when we go for a walk with the dog and I don't want a half hour walk ending up being an hour and half due to their slowness, and the stress of cars, traffic and the 3 year old's lack of road sense. We never take them around the shops in the pusher anymore, they mostly sit in the trolley, we get two trolleys if we need too, or one stands up and the other sits in the seat, or they both stand in the trolley, I let them walk if I am only getting a few items.
Depends on the child. DS1 is a runner and is only now starting to stay with us when not in the pram, but if i am by myself they both go in the pram or trolley.

My sisters DD was out of a pram when she was 2 but she never ran and stayed right near her mum all the time.

so, it really depends.....
DD was 3 when she stopped using a pram. She also got her bike than so rides or walks the dog who makes her go fast. Shopping she stands on the end of the trolley.
If this bub goes to term, DS will be 25mths. Since I found out I was preg, I have been teaching him to walk with me. If I want him in the pram, he will still happily go in there but not planning on a twin pram. I have just today got a buggy board for my pram. I have a 2.5km walk to preschool with him once we get back home after bub is born so he will go on the board for that. I am also going to carry a sling with me at all times so if he is too tired, I can carry bub and he can go in the pram smile

I came across a company that sells buggy boards in New Zealand. They were doing a demonstration at Botany Downs a couple of weeks back and their product looks pretty good.

Here is their website if you want to have a look:

They seem to be doing a special at the moment as well, $80 which is pretty cheap really.
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