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Present ideas for 1st birthday please Lock Rss

One grandma is buying the Fisher Price bounc & spin zebra.

For Christmas from us & others she is getting a little pull out sofa, a little tikes sit car that you push with your feet, a fisher price laugh & learn kitchen.

So any ideas what I can actually give her for her 1st birthday? It's hard cause her older sister has stuff so I'm trying to think of different things. They don't have to be big things as my kids usually get bigger items from grandparents and aunties.
For my DS' 1st birthday in August we are just going with a set of blocks (like the big leggo kind..I got a 150 pack). A new pair of shoes (this is my fav kind for him to wear) and finally I know this may sound corny but I have done up a photo book online (by the time I finish it will have about 350 photos in it) with the story of 'his first year' with all his milestones and funny little stories. I've been doing it up gradually over the year and even though I've filled out baby record books, I thought it would be special for as he gets older that each year for his birthday he gets one of these books so that when he grows up he has a 'collection' of them. lol. Having a boy, I'm sure he's just going to think I'm silly one day but oh well. I thought it was a bit different. And yeah like you said grandparents and extended family give so much other stuff that even though I've worried we sound like we are being a bit stingey on presents we buy him things as he needs them and he's a bit young to know how much we are spending. All up I've worked out we've spent $80 (after we've paid for the book....2 more months of pages to go yet!)lol., but we are also having a little party which will take the total up a bit. Happy shopping. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
wheely bug- there are mice tigers ladybirds cows and buzzy bees and they come in two different sizes

money box - engraved - keepsake for 1st birthday

do you have a table and chairs set?

hand eye co-ordination toys

a swing or playhouse

sandpit- fill with sand or lots of those little plastic balls


playschool busy ball popper

musical instruments - leapfrog learn and groove animal sounds guitar

messy play/water table

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