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Hi! My 4yr son was having nightmares a while ago, mostly about monsters. So before bed each night, we have to spray Monster Spray (a bit of peppermint essence and water) to get rid of any monster. That worked like a treat for us.

Anyway, back to your question lol! I haven't tried a dream catcher but its worth a try!! I never thought of using one even though I've got a couple in the house. For the noises, we went that problem as well. A lot of reassurance that the noises wasn't going to hurt him.

Good luck with it and hope the nightmares stop soon!
We did it helped for a night or two. We've tried everything, monster sprays (lavender), toys in the bed, toys lined up across the window on monster watch, meditation books, reading .... time and cuddles and good quality cuddle relaxing time before bed (no scary tuff or news on TV) seems to work the best.

My 4 year old DD wakes up almost every night from either nightmares or is just generally scared of every little noise she hears. I have had a friend suggest putting a dream catcher over her bed as this solved the problem for her child....Just wondering has anyone ever done this and did it helped.


I have heard that a green lava lamp works. My sister used to have nightmares, my Mum was told by a psychic that a green lava lamp would help get rid of the nightmares, and it did. My 4 year old DD used to have nightmares we brought her this little teddy night light from bunnings it changes different colours she loves it and has slept better with that then with a normal night light.
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