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My friends dd is turning 3 soon, and is exhibiting some signs that she could be autistic. She is a very picky eater, always seems to be in her own world, can say words but only paraphrases whatever the parents say. She has no interest in playing with other children, never smiles, never has eye contact with anyone, has terrible tantrums, is delayed in speech, can not put words together.

I don't know if I should say something to the parents. I am not that close to the parents, we are in the same circle of friends but I get on with them the least. Dh thinks I should mind my own business. Would you say something?
I personally would mind my own business if she wasnt a really close friend. I would be upset and offended if you were to say something to me in the same cirumstances.
Hi there,

If I wasn't very close with them, I'd be inclined not to say anything to them because it could get very uncomfortable. But it would also be very sad if the little girl missed out on getting treatment.

Is there a mutual friend who is very close to them that you could talk to? Maybe someone else is in a better position to say something?

All the best.
I had someone tell me (with good intentions) that my eldest son was autisitc. He was very similar in terms of behavioural traits to the child you are describing. I also had a lot of people make comments like"he doesn't talk much, he is so quiet, that's the first time I have heard him speak.....does he have a hearing problem..". It gets annoying to say the least. He is now 5 and a very normal, loud boy who is working things out really well.

I would suggest just leaving the parents to do their job. Not every child develops in the same way and not every parent has the same expectations of a childs developmental speed. I would suggest the little girl you describe may be very different without an audience watching her. Some children are shy, anxious and nervous in large groups. Many 3 year olds still parallel play.

I am sure your intentions are good but having been on the other end of the conversation that your are proposing, I can tell you I didn't find it at all helpful.
Thanks everyone for your feedback. Hopefully everything will be ok for my friends dd and what I suspect is actually wrong.
I would only say something if you have first hand experience with an autistic child and are sre what you see is waht you ahve experience with, otherwise maybe just mention it to a mutual friend who is closer to them and see what they think.
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