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I'm wondering if anyone has any idea about toddlers displaying signs of Autism. I have a 2.5year old who has had me concerned with a few things he does that have me wondering if I should be concerned. I have had 7 years experience in child care and have experience with children in this area, however I sometimes feel I maybe too close to the situation to be able to evaluate him properly.

On bad days, DS2 does nothing but scream. He won't use words and he'll scream if he wants something or doesn't want something or for reasons I can't fathom. He'll throw things and intentionally hurt is 12 month old brother. He hates being around people other than family and doesn't interact with children his own age. If they come to play, he'll become extremely upset about his toys being moved and eventually stay in my room until they leave. He walks the same way when walking to the car from the front steps stepping on the exact same bricks everytime. When we come home he has to check the mailbox before we go upstairs or he has a "meltdown". He's an extremely fussy eater and still has a bottle. He was drinking milk from a normal cup, but his brother went onto a bottle at 9 months and since then DS2 refuses to drink his milk any other way. He also has an unhealthy fixation with his dummy and always has. It's the only thing that will calm him down. When he has a major meltdown, he needs to have 4 at once (obviously not in his mouth at the same time). We tend to have these days more often than not.
We then have great days were he'll use his words and ask for the things he wants and play nicely and be like a normal toddler, but these days aren't a regular thing.

There are heaps of other things aswell, but too many to list. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
Hello there,

As the previous post suggests the best thing to do is go and chat to your GP and ask for a referral to a paediatrician. A diagnosis of Autism can be quite a long process, and there are many bumps along the road. Our DS1 was formally diagnosed a few months ago at 2.5, so if you have any questions or want to chat please feel free to pm me, x
Have a chat to gp, have you thought of aspergeus (spelling) i only say this cause a friend of mine has a son he about 7 years old now and has aspergeous and he likes to do things certain ways. If he has any change of routine such as new teacher at school etc he will have a melt down and can't adjust easily to change. He is still learning how to share does not like to share any toys. Its just a thought. but diffenently go to see your gp, they will refer you onto someone that knows alot more and can observe your child.
Thank you for your replies guys. I will go to hte GP and get a referral to see someone who can help us. Jillaroo, I did try to PM you, but it wouldn't send and 3littlemen, thank you. I have no doubt I'll be speaking to you again.

What really bothers me is the looks you get from strangers when they have a "meltdown". I litereally have to strap DS2 into the pram and put a blanket over the hood all around him in order for him to calm down. I had one older lady even tell me he deserves a smack cause he was screaming so loud.
I know it's easier said then done, but do try not to worry about what strangers say or do. I don't take DS1 to the shops very often as he is extremly sensory sensitive (as many autistic children are), and struggles with the noises, the business and the brightness of the shopping environment. He has however had "meltdowns" before and they are terrifying to watch, far different from a regular tantrum. He looses all sense of awareness and throws and arches his body in really hard movements, quite violent looking to be honest. He once did this on a plane (of all the places) and the looks we got were dreadful...don't worry about ignorant people, you can't change them all. Not sure why the message didn't work...I'll have a look at my settings maybe. Talk to you soon, smile
i agree take your little one to GP as it can be a long process to get an offical diagnoses, but there are alot of help and support programs around for families with autistic children. My beautiful nephew has very severe autism (one of the worst cases his peadiatrician has seen) and i work in health so have seen it from both sides but the help and support that my sister recieves is amazing. My nephew is 6 now and was diagnosed at 2.5 he still doesnt speak but lets us know what he wants with gestures. There is alot of funding available for speech therapies, sensory play therapies ETC once your son has been diagnosed. And yes people can be sooo ignorant and down right rude many people dont know what Autism is and struggle to understand and because Autisic kids dont "look" different they think they have the right to make judgement!
If you start the ball rolling sooner rather than later it can be better too. My SIL had early intervention for her son (18 months at the time) and his diagnosis has gone from being on the autism spectrum, to learning delays that he has classes/therapies for. On the flip side, it took my cousin 5 years for her son to get diagnosed with aspergers, and she has gone right into modifying diet, and getting involved in his school, extra intervention, etc... and he is coming along nicely. Not that it isn't still really hard for them. Good on you for being proactive about your son. I wish you luck.
Thank you all for your replies, you've made me feel so much better just showing me i'm not alone. I nearly gave a young girl a piece of my mind last night when I took DS1 for a haircut. The hair dresser came up to DS2 and he started to scream at her. DS3 was sitting in his pram watching and started blowing raspberries at her she actually said "I prefer this one (referring to DS3)" Initially I wanted to scream at her and defend DS2, but I simply told her DS2 was a special needs child and situations like these scare him. She went all gushy and tried to talk to DS2 who just wanted to go in the pram, pull the hood down with a blanket over the top to block everyone out. And then it happened again today! I think this will be something I will really struggle with cause I don't want people looking at DS2 as a problem child and DS3 as an Angel child.

I'm so sorry to vent this out here, but I really have no support when it comes to this. DH doesn't want to discuss it and I can't really say I blame him, but I need somewhere to let this out and get some sound advice.
Hi I have a 6yo boy who had Autism and I went through a quick process of actually being diagnosed.
I first did an online questionnaire and then that told me I was to seek help for my son. I then went to a pediatrician and he did the CARS test and I also saw a psychologist and they had the same result. it's always good I catch it early as try usually need intense therapy which determines there future of speech therapy or OT or A.B.A therapy.
be aware that once diagnosed you can seek $$ from Autism Victoria.
hope that helps in any way possible.
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