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Thanks ladies for the advice, feel better now I have vented

I don't think it's cool of the daycare people to do that to you. IMO a bit of squealing is not a big deal and they should deal with it themselves and indeed expect that little people who can't always express themselves with words are going to use other means!!!!!

Also, we have always been told (I've worked in daycare and schools) that if you have an issue with a child that needs to be addressed with the parent, you need to put it in a "sandwich". That is say something positive about the child, then the problem, then finish the conversation with another positive. This stops parents walking away feeling like crap.

She has no right to try to get you to keep your daughter away from care. Your daughter's behaviour is not dangerous, she's not sick and I think she sounds like a pretty impatient and intolerant daycare worker- it's not your problem if the centre is busy!!!! You pay for quality care. If it happens again I'd be speaking to the director.

Chin up sweets!
Ah...youre not the one with the problem lovely, that woman is! That's ridiculous- my dd squeels every now and then and it drives me mad but that's what most of the do at this stage lol if she was half decent at her job, she'd know that but also have more tact with a (pregnant!!) mum. None of us want to feel anything bad in relation to our beautiful babies- I don't even know what she was hoping to gain from that conversation?! She wants you to pull your little girl out to make her life easier?? Please - maybe she's been in the industry too long if this is bothering her!!

Your dd could have been in a bad mood this morning- so what?! I was too laugh

As for you being sensitive- I think you're lovely and maybe we should have more people like you! Everyone has different qualities and while you describe it as sooky, I'd describe it as caring and feeling smile nothing wrong with that x

Based on what you've said I think you have taken what they have said as an insult rather than them relaying to you how her day went and asking if she squealed at home - and taking that the wrong way... that there's something wrong with her and your parenting.

Some people are more sensitive than others and that being your personality, along with being pregnant (dont know about you but I was WAY sensitive when I was pregnant)... well that could make the situation seem a whole lot worse than it actually is.

I dont think they are thinking your DD is hard work, she's only 17 months old. I think they are telling you how her day went and suggesting maybe it might suit her better to attend another day that's no so busy. They do have to inform you of how she's behaving at daycare, that's not to say they are saying "fix this issue"... rather making you aware so that at home you can work on things, or are simply aware of what she's doing at day care.
I can't understand why people only put their children in Daycare one day a week? then its 6 days again till she goes back, and if she is sick that one day it could be 13 days and when your 17months 6 days is a long time between visits. She is going to squeal and maybe upset as i probably would be. I am a pre school teacher in NZ our pre school recommend that children come 2x a week maybe two mornings so that way they can establish relationships with the toddlers.

I do hear you she shouldn't have said it like that you are paying for care and if she squeals all session they need to try and settle her in playing blocks or playdough or something. maybe she needs more hours or the one day split over two days or something. my kids go three days its the days i work and its a good way of them not forgetting inbetween visits.

also maybe you need to go visit the doctor and get yourself all checked out its sound like your a bit hormonal. but then again i cry when i feel upset for my toddler and little girl.
Agree with subzero - I think part of the problem is that it is very difficult for children to settle into daycare if they're only there one day a week. It's such a huge gap for them from one week to the next. The daycares in my area will only accept children for a minimum of two days. I'm not sure if your financial situation allows it but if so, I'd seriously consider increasing her time there. Is two half days an option? - that might work better than one full day.

With regards to the teacher saying that your daughter might do better on a less busy day, I think you've taken the comment the wrong way, I'm sure she was just making a helpful suggestion rather than trying to say that they didn't want your daughter there. This is going off on a bit of a tangent but, my DD has recently been complaining of some of the boys hitting her at daycare, and the response from the Director of the centre was that yes, those boys are known to her as troublemakers and she is trying to deal with it, but my DD attracts the trouble to an extent as she doesn't cope well in a very large group so they see her as an easy target. The point being, some children manage well in large groups and some children don't, and TBH if your daughter is an only child and hasn't been to daycare before then it's likely that she is going to manage less well than some other children, so why not move her to a quieter day if you can, if it will help her cope? Even on a quiet day there will still be enough children there for her to get a good deal of social interaction.

Anyway, I don't think you should beat yourself up for being overly sensitive! It is a great quality to have! Most people would find it upsetting for a teacher to say something negative about their child, it's normal to take it as an insult towards your parenting, and of course it's worse if you have any guilty feelings towards sending your child to daycare.
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