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what do you do when Lock Rss

what do you do when your toddler wont eat there dinner?
Honestly, if I know DD has eaten plenty of good food during the day, I don't worry about it.

Often she picks at all the veg while I'm preparing dinner so I'm not worried if she only eats a few bits of meat or bread at dinner.
I normally tell him that he can't have anything else because this isn't a cafe. I use to cook him something else but has hubby has said that he has to learn to eat what we eat.

He hardly doesn't want what we have given him. He alot better than he use to be.

As soon as DS hopes down from the table his plate gets taken away. We started that about 2mths ago and now at 25.5mths he eats something of every meal - sometimes only the meat, sometimes only the veges, but he has got the picture now that if he doesn't eat it, he gets hungry. 2-3 nights a week he nearly clears his plate.

thanks all smile if they wont eat it cause they dont like it what do you do then?

thanks all smile if they wont eat it cause they dont like it what do you do then?

Put if on a plate with other food he does like, don't make a fuss over it and try again in a week or 2.

I just leave it, I figure if he's hungry then he'd eat it, if he doesn't eat it then no biggy.

Same here.

Add to that we don't make food an issue at our house.
My 2 year old has to sit at the table til we are all done (hoping he will eat while he is waiting)
other then that i try and give him a spoon full or his sister trys. If he wants something to eat later i just get his dinner out of the fridge and say here this is all you are allowed to it. lol
but most the time he is really ready to eat as i cut the snacks/drinks down leading up towards dinner time
DD is a terrible eater - she eats like a sparrow & sometimes i wonder how she has enough energy to get out of bed each day.
She is a quite a bit older than your DS, but what we do is:

- if it is something that she hasnt had before, i make sure that there is something on her plate that i know she will eat as well. We have the 'one bite' policy too - just to make sure that she is at least trying new foods. I will give it to her every couple of weeks if she doesnt eat it the first time.. sometimes she comes around, sometimes she just doesnt like it & that's ok with me, as long as she tries it each time.

- if it is just a regular meal time with food that she should be eating & she doesnt want to eat, it isnt a big deal here either, i just remind her that there is nothing else to eat & certainly NO cake or icecream.. some nights she eats it, others not. i am pretty sure some nights she goes to bed hungry, but i dont know if that's cause she is lazy or stubborn... but i am more stubborn & there is no way i'm going to give in to her. There isnt any punishment as such in this house if she doesnt eat, she still goes to bed at her regular time etc, there just isnt anymore food bought out for the evening.

If she has gone to bed without dinner the night before, she always wakes up starving at about 6am & comes in asking for toast... so, i would prefer her to eat at dinner time, but meh, cant force feed her.

GL, it can be so frustrating.
ETA: she has to sit at the table until everyone else is finished dinner too - no running off to play or anything like that.
It really depends on how much she has eatten throughout the day. We were having alot of difficulties getting out daughter to eat a couple of months ago and realised it was mainly because hubby would pick her up from childcare at 4:30 (where she had afternoon tea at 4) and then give her a second afternoon tea at home, when it came to dinner time she wasnt really hungry (but of course we were just worried she wasnt eatting dinner).

We try to make dinner time fun and encouraging, we dont force her to sit in her high chair as we found when we were doing this she began getting distressed whenever we would make her sit in it- however we do make her sit in it if she wants to eat so when she is finished she hops down). We now place her tea on the table (and ours) and sit down together, we encourage her to eat and also encourage each other (ie what a good daddy, daddy is eatting his corn, beans etc). We also try to put atleast something on her plate that she loves (at the moments its corn on the cob) and that way it makes it easier to know if she really isnt hungry or that it is that she is unsure of a new food/ doesnt like the other flavour on her plate.

Hope it helps- if all else fails, yoghurts and grapes are always a safe option in our house and i'd rather her have something in her belly than nothing (but she has to wait until we have had our dinner/ tried her's before this).

Goodluck x
thanks everyone i think i need to change my methods cause when DS has nothing or not much i just get him something else
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