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how much notice to give for a birthday party Lock Rss

My little girl is meant to have her 4th birthday party on sunday 17th june (birthday is 18th) which is a week tomorrow. but my 7week DS and I ended up in hospital this week so i didnt get the invites to the people she would like to invite from kindy. Ill get these out early next week. I had RSVP date of tomorrow on them aswell so I have to reprint them now and im wondering if I should delay it to the following sunday so its 2 weeks notice.

This is her first party with just friends, whats the norm on how long you before the party you should give out the invitations, is a week to short notice?

Im worried as it is that the kids might not come from kindy as shes only been with them a short time and I dont know any of the mums from there, only spoken to a couple of them which are not mums of the kids coming.

Last year she had her playcentre friends and I knew the mums and kids well so it was a bit different.
thanks, just went and had the invitations re-printed again, these invitations have ended up costing me a packet but hopefully we will be all sorted for the following weekend now.

My DD wasnt impressed but I just tried to explain that if she has it next weekend her kindy friends might not come as they might already be busy.

thanks for your reply
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