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Head Butting Lock Rss

This has probably been covered before but Im throwing it out there anyway.

My 14 month daughter has a filthy temper. In recent months she has developed the need to head butt the walls and floor if she doesnt get her own way.
If she is told no or something doesnt go the way she thinks it should she will walk over to a wall and slam her head against it. If no wall is available then she will make do with the floor. She cries when she does it as it obviously hurts. Sometimes because she has hurt herself she will do it again in frustration.

She has very visable brusing across her head as a result.

As she is only 14 months old I am at a loss as to what to do. Any ideas? My husband thinks a stack hat might be a good option.

Julia (14yrs), Cooper (6yrs) & Amarlia (14 months)

My baby does this has for last few months and sheesh the headbutts are hard ds is nearly 11 months.Tbh I don't do anything, I mean he doesn't know what hes doing at 14 months I don't think your bubs would know either.I would be careful to not react thats probabley what shes wanting.As for headbutting the walls I did that and climbed up curtains and I don't do it now lol.keep telling her no assertivey smile.Hope shes out of this stage soon hun all the best smile.

My ds was the same when he didnt get his way. Not much advice unfortunalty we just got up him and gave him a bit of tap on the leg when he did it and he eventually grew out of it

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