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How can I get him to stop biting Rss


I was just wondering what else I can do to stop my almost 3 year old from biting? He stopped for a little while and has started again. I've trying telling him that it's not nice, putting him in his room and nothing is working. He mainly only does it when he is frustrated say if a kid takes a toy off him he will bite them or if they are being mean to him. Thankfully he hasn't done it to 8 month DS3 but will do it to DS1 who is 4 and 1/2 years old almost and DS1 will come to me and tell me and not do anything to DS2 before coming to tell me. Normally DS1 has done something to upset DS2 and that's the way he lets DS1 know. I really don't know what else to do with him.

Do you have any tips at all that may help?

I also had a bit of a laugh melmul grin
That would be great. Hopefully your mum does remember.

I do take him to show him what he has done to his brother and then take him and put him on his bed for time out. They get along very well the rest of the time and it's not every day that it happens. A few weekends ago he had bitten one of his cousins and our SIL came up and told us. I felt bad and hubby went and took him to the car (we were at a 1st birthday party) and when my BIL said that hubby was really going off at DS2 (I'd say it looked worse then what it was as I spoke to hubby about it after we left) I couldn't help but stick up for DS2 and explain that he will only do it if he is frustrated or if the other kid has done something to him for him tell let them know to back off. He shut up pretty quick. My main concern is that he hasn't grown out of it by the time he goes to Kindy in 2014. I guess only time will tell. Thank you Ilovemylilbugs for sharing that with me.

Oh wow. That's something I haven't tried with trying to get him to find another way to take his frustration out. Will try that one. Thank you grin
I might even have to try the reward chart. We are currently toilet training at the moment so he has a reward chart for that. He doesn't normally bite everyday.

My sister was a biter. It was when she became frustrated. Mum had a small teething ring attached to a string on her wrist for her to use unstead of other ppl. She was 3. It gave her something to focus on until she could learn to deal with the frustration. Took about 8 mths but she finally didn't need it anymore.

Young people learn from experience. So who are we to try and stop them

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