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Sticking with a punishment - advice needed please Lock Rss

Do you give her a warning? I would be inclined to say that 'if you do/say that again the consequence will be..' And then if it doesn't stop then implement it and stick to it.

This is what I do with my dd and its still very effective. At 5 years old they still need the rules repeated over and over.

I try to give choices rather than consequences. That way there are still consequences but they are responsible for it rather than me. I would say 'Would you like to ready a book tonight or go straight to bed? Would you like to read this book or this book? Would you like to read now or fuss?' Then is they choose to fuss I would explain that it's not fun for me to hear them fuss and explain that I can't read the story because they choose to fuss. If they then apologised I would say that I feel sad that I can't read the story tonight because I love to read but that they chose to fuss and say 'Maybe tomorrow night you can make a different choice. I love you'. I find this works the vast majority of the time for me from my 11yo down to my 3yo. Good luck. Bedtimes can be stressful
DD1 is almost 4, a few weeks ago she thought it would be a good idea to get up in the middle of the night to play. She threw a massive tanty when told to go back to bed. I told her if she didn't stop it - There would be no TV in the morning, she continued so I told her there would be no TV.
We got up in the morning and she asked to watch her usual programs on ABC, I told her no, because you threw a tantrum you are not watching TV today. She cried and said sorry, my reply was - I know you are sorry, but you need to learn that if you are naughty, there will be consequences.

I believe strongly in sticking to my guns when it comes to discipline, I know too many people who don't and their children walk all over them!
Yep, I always follow through with punishment regardless of apologies. My almost five year old is getting really good at accepting and understanding punishment now (no tv, no dessert, etc).

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