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Gangnam Style okay for preschoolers? Lock Rss

Ok so this might me being a complete SQUARE but is Gangnam Style suitable for little kids?

Its just in DD1 class they listen to and dance to the music video. Now the "sexy lady" lyric doesn't sit well with me. Even though I know she doesn't know what it means.
Also I think some of the scenes are is too suggestive. Esp the bit in the lift which DD thinks is hilarious. And the focus on ladies bottoms.

I'm not going to be a wet blanket and bring it up at kindy. But I just wanted others opinions.
My daughter is in year two and they used that song at a house meeting but changed the words. It was something along the lines of Chips and Gravy but they were doing the dance. She goes to an anglican school so are careful on what the kids listen to and watch. We all thought that the change of words was great. The kids had a ball.

I don't think it's appropriate for the classroom, but at home under parental supervision I don't have a problem with the song being played. My kids love the chips and gravy version - try Youtube "Aussie Battler Style" wink
Hmm well my kids love the song and enjoy dancing and singing to it at home but I'd be surprised if they were teaching it at school tbh! I wouldn't have thought that would be allowed. So it wouldn't bother me, just surprise me smile
I don't think it's appropriate in an education setting, but I don't mind DS watching it at home.

Just curious if anyone has actually looked into what the words actually are?
DH looked up the translation and it's actually not that bad.It's basically saying that brains and dressing nicely, rather than provocatively, are what make you sexy.

I know children aren't going to know that, but it makes me feel better about it tongue

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Kids LOVE that song, I don't know why but they do. I heard one teacher encourage the kids to sing something other than 'sexy lady' and they came up with 'hey chips and gravy'.

I don't really like any music videos for kids, too much to explain in to short of a time, but just the music I have no real objections to, not like they are swearing

Aka G&L smile

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