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Does it get better?? Lock Rss

Hi ladies- bit of a downer post from me today sad

Does it get better? Dd is 3.5 yrs old and I'm just hating it all- the struggle that everything is, she wants to go against me on everything- nothing is easy anymore and it feels like everything's a battle and I can't see light at the end of the tunnel.

It makes it harder cos ds is at that beautiful age so most things he does are gorgeous (he's a rat bag sometimes but so was dd and it was fine when she was 20months old) so I'm feeling like I'm being really unfair sad

Does motherhood get better?? We really want number three as we both wanted a bigger family but now I'm questioning if motherhood is for me at all and if I'm not cut out to be a mum obviously it's not fair to have anymore sad

Sending u big hugs!!!!!!!!!! Yes it will get better, my son was really a handful at times at 3.5yrs and now he is completely different.
What worked for me, is going to sound bad - but it worked. Is saying Yes to her more often, even when your tired if she asks for something say yes, and say it happy. The more times you agree to things (and not unreasonable things) but things like can she read a book or can u play with her etc. When u do say No, it has more impact.
Thanks girls- you wouldn't believe how much I needed to hear that- honestly I'm close to tears just hearing it. I'm petrified of our relationship in the future because of how it is now- I'm trying to hard but I feel like I have nothing left, patience has left the building sad

Smondin- I love what you said about saying yes more often- totally makes sense, I will give it a go smile

Rosie mumma- thanks chick! We are ttc for number three now but I've been so close to stopping as I'm not handling it at all but if it is going to pass then I know I can do it lol oh please let it pass!!

It does get better! It could be a phase she is going through and her just testing the waters. It wont always be like that. My almost 3 year old boy is at that stage now- into everything he knows he shouldn't be and just ignores me when i say otherwise, the worst bit is my 1 year old does whatever he does!! My 6 year old is adorable (when she isn't tired). She went through that stage as well.
The best thing i found was walk away- take a few deep breathes and ask yourself is this worth arguing over? Pick your battles and i found offer alternatives eg- you can rip out those pages in the book or i could read it to you or we could do something else together? Also i found my daughter craving the one on one attention. (her brother would of been about 3 months old at the time)
Remember take time out for you, even if its a bath at the end of a hectic day!
[quote post="3536481" name="3littleBs"][b]3littleBs wrote[/b]:
Aw hun big hugs! I'm sure it's an age thing that will pass, most people I know say the 3s are harder than the 2s. Hang in there lovely you're an awesome mama please don't be[quote post="3536481" na[quote post="3536481" name="3littleBs"][b]3littleBs wrote[/b]:

My mum and sisters have always said that it's the terrible 3s, not the terrible 2s so hopefully it improves soon for you smile DD has just entered the terrible 2s so I'm REALLY looking forward to the next couple of years.... tongue
Thanks unique, Mel and Bs grin gah it just feels awful- it feels like more bad days than good, I haven't worked out if it's just my attitude or if it really is hard- so glad to hear everyone else admit it's not all sunshine and roses.

Mel- the boredom thing I think does come into it with dd, she seems bored and tired no matter how hard I try to get her to have quiet time or a nap or how many activities I line up (we do them all- baking craft Lego playdough play dates - honestly it's never enough and I'm exhausted!!).

Unique- I really hope you can try for number three soon- you seem like such an awesome mumma (war paint and all tongue) with so much love to give x

Bs- thanks again for your help, you're always propping me up in this motherhood thing wink xx

I wanna run away for a while- who's coming??

Mum84- great advice thank you smile you are so right with the one on one stuff- dds little bro is 20months and coming into his own personality so I think she's feeling that sad

nay7- I hate to scare you but give me a 2yr old any day tongue doesn't feel like that at the time though wink

Daz- c'mon let's go to the hotel!! I'll make the booking under "exhausted mums" and make sure the mini bar is stocked grin

Yep definately the age..dd1 was great through her 2s and I wondered what the terrible 2s was about, then she hit the 3s and the attitude and tantrums and talkback all started. She grew out of it but now at 6 is a competely different ball game of attitude, doesn't help that dd2 is 2 and is most definately going through terrible 2s (not looking forward to the 3s with her!). I'm also 30w pregnant so that probably doesn't help at all lol
There are 16 months between my girls, the oldest being 4 in March and it is really tough at present with the constant arguing. We are our own worst critic when it comes to parenting, I'm sure you're doing a great job. Good luck with ttc 3.
omg I could totally have been the one to write your post!.. It is exactly what I am going through at the moment and our kids are both about the same age. Im guessing it is age related and it will pass but I am so warn out with this parenting business. Whilst I love my children more than anything in this world, right now there is no way I could function with a 3rd. I just cant seem to get my energy levels to catch up, and I also cant seem to get my emotions to relax or my brain to wake up! Parenting is very tough x
Oh little miss' it would be tough- you've done well to go this long before feeling defeated smile hope it gets easier soon for you x

Ooh Coop does that mean I could be pregnant right now? Lol I'm a mad woman- I just got all excited even feeling how I am- we are all crazy lol

3tinks- nice to know I'm not alone, thanks for letting me know smile hope it settles down when she starts kindy for you smile where does their attitude come from so little and all??

Annie- wow going through all that and 30weeks pregnant! That's bloody tough- bet you're looking forward to the few nights "off" while you're in hospital with your newborn wink

Thanks Miss Belle, we sure are sad atleast we have huggies there for us on our baddays, hey?!

Littlecheekybums- we are going through the exact same things by the sounds of it sad hope you got some comfort from this thread too then xx

Ooh little Bs- we might come to your Bach instead!!! grin

They always will challenge you, but when they get a bit older they are more able to talk things through and understand your decisions, so it does get better smile

Aka G&L smile

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