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daycare questions Lock Rss

must be more than just a cold for antibiotics.
depends on the daycare. my last one was really strict and definitely wouldn't take a child still on antibiotics, their other rule was 24 hours after symptoms cleared.
But the one we went to before that one (we've been through 3 for various reasons... ugh) wouldn't have minded a little cold at all. I just had to sign a form if I wanted them to give him medication with instructions.

Whenever I am unsure I just ring them and ask whether or not its ok so I suggest that. You should be able to get compassionate consideration for your exam but you'll need a Dr cert stating your son has been unwell and possibly a letter from daycare saying they wouldn't take him.
its not the green snotties you have to worry about. See green the kid is clean. Thats the body getting rid of the cold.

Its the clear runny nose to watch out for. Thats when the child is contagious and can easily pass on a cold

Why does everyone think OMG when they see green????
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