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Parenting and work Lock Rss

Hey there ladies

I have recently gone back to work part time doing shift work my husband does all night shifts and he looks after our son when I'm at work
We r both exhausted since our son is very active and has only one sleep during the day he also goes to childcare twice a week
I work both weekends and of course during the week too doing 63 hours a fortnight we don have any family around to help not spending as much as time I was spending with my son before when I'm come home from work I'm fully tired and have to cook and clean and do all the house chores my son plays around me all the time while I'm doing other stuff
My question is how do manage work and home ? What activities do u do with ur kids?
I take my son out when I can to the lake near us or to the park
I ales read books to him but it's not everyday
I feel like I'm not spending enough time with him which makes me feel guilty at the end of te day but I have to work aswell
Anyone else is in the same boat here?
Sorry for the long post

I know how you feel. I went back to work full time last year and my son was in day care 5 days per week. I felt terribly guilty but I think no matter what us mothers do we will feel guilty. I am now on maternity leave with my 2nd baby and feel guilty that DS1 is missing out on playing with his friends because he is only in daycare 2 days per week now.
You read to him which is great. When I was working I would read books while DS1 was in the bath.
Hang in there. smile
Im a shift worker.

You can't get out of cooking. But you can pre-prepare some meals and freeze making it easier for you to spend time with your LO.

Slow cookers are king! Get one.

And the housework leave it for one day its not going anywhere. Only do it every second day. That time with your LO is precious try to make as much fun as you can.

I hope this helps.
Am I the only one who doesn't feel guilty about working full time???

Anyway, I have a 6yr DS and a almost 4 DD and because I always end up working weekends on days that I end up rostered off I have 1 child out of kindy or school to spend the day with mum, if I'm lucky enough to have a weekend day off then I don't worry about pulling DS out of school for a day during that week (DD spends weekends with her dad) I figure if they're booked for school kindy every day anyway I can make sure the day they have off suits my needs... DS and I went on a "date" last week as his choice of activity which was heaps of fun smile
I went back to work part time when DS was 1, although it was only for a few months as I was pregnant with DD at the time. When they are that young you don't really need to worry too much about activities and keeping them active as they do things at their own pace. They are usually interested in everything around them so even just going to the park is heaps of fun, or playing in a sandpit. I used to take DS grocery shopping in the mornings as that took up enough time until his next nap and in the afternoons we'd play at home or visit friends. Admittedly on the days that I worked it was difficult to be organised as I wouldn't get home til close to 6pm after finishing work and picking DS up from day care.
I'm lucky that DH helps out with cooking dinner, and as World4mum1 suggested, you can hopefully find time to prepare certain foods or cook larger amounts that you can freeze. I usually plan our meals for the week and shop accordingly and then I'm prepared. We also have take away dinner on 1 night a week.
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