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To pull out of daycare or not? Lock Rss


so I have Mr3 who has been attending daycare for over a year now, however have been getting constant issues so im after some advice as to what I should do....
Apologies as this may be quite long.

There has been no written observations/portfolio given, at the end of last year all we received was a manilla folder with 5 pieces of artwork, I was expecting photos, observation notes, program details, as well the more artwork and some kind of assessment of learning and development! When I took this up with the director she basically handed me a new info sheet saying everything is online now. This online 'portfolio' is a basic paragraph of what they did during the week with 1 or 2 photos. Its not individualised at all.

Anyway, recently there have been many staff changes incl the ECT teacher who left suddenly. They took 6 weeks to employ a new teacher so during that time, there was no replacement ECT and nothing was documented..i had no idea what my DS was doing there. This new ECT is studying for her ECT degree whilst working full time, is this even allowed???? she doesn't have her degree yet! (I had to ring up head office to get this information btw as we weren't informed of when she started)

My DS is currently being transitioned to the preschool room, which again I wasn't aware of! I decided to come along and watch him in the morning, but the staff in that room were very unapproachable and didn't introduce themselves or even talk to me. I basically went into the room, and sat reading books with my DS by ourselves. Then that same day, when I picked him up the new ECT tried to argue with me saying he didn't go to the preschool room at all today, meaning she didn't know where he was that whole morning.

All other daycares have a 6 months plus waiting list....I I don't know what to do??


There is a complaint line for daycares (02) 82601900 (run by the government or one of its agencies)
I would suggest ringing them with your concerns, they are really good and will do an audit on the centre normally within a week.

If you really don't like the centre start looking around and asking question you never know your luck.

My daughter is still in the under 3.5 group and gets the portfolio every year, it hasn't got to much but it's something!
Good luck!! daycares can sometime be a pain in the bum!!
Hi Pooki Mummy,

Your story sounds very similar to what I experienced with my daughters pre school/day care. The centre my daughter went to was poorly run, my daughter was not her confident self, staff had no interest, I had no idea what was going on there and what my daughter did all day. I just did not feel right about it. I went with my instincts and removed her. We found a new pre school and haven't looked back. Her new pre school is fantastic. All the staff are wonderful. They provide all information about my daughters day including a portfolio. She has learnt to write her name, days of the week, months etc etc etc She has so many friends. Is now very confident and I have no hesitation in her being there. Personally I believe if you are not happy you should follow your instincts and find a day care you are happy with even if they have a waiting list. Go visit some day care centres and find out what they do and what policies they have. If you like one put your name down as it can't hurt and you can always change your mind.

Good luck smile

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