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Our beautiful DS is almost 23 months old...
While generally being a well behaved little man, we do have some concerns.
Firstly, He still does not speak well. He babbles what sounds like his own baby conversation, and says a handful of basic words; 'mum/dad/baby/doggy/fish/please/what's that' but that is about as far as his vocabulary stretches. We have worked on words like car/bus/up/down/thankyou/yes/no since he said his first words but still nothing....
He does however seem to understand us when we talk to him (asking him to go upstairs or telling him it's bedtime)
I know he should be speaking more for his age... We read to him and talk him through everyday tasks. He doesn't attend daycare.

Our other concern is his behaviour when we go out. This has got increasingly worse over the last few months... We will pop him in the pram and while we are moving he is fine, but as soon as we stop he will start screaming/kicking his legs and fighting to get out of the harness. We must always have a bag of various food for him (rice crackers/biscuits/museli bars) in an attempt to keep him calm with that, but often he finishes what he's eating or throws it on the floor and continues to carry on. I think we could fix this issue by letting him walk rather than be in the pram but my husband believes he will just run off... As he loves to do that at the park.

I'm just starting to worry myself that there could be something more behind these issues but am unsure if I am getting worked up for nothing...
Any suggestions for either of our concerns would be greatly appreciated!!!
TIA!! smile

We have discussed with our GP and she said she wouldn't be worried until he's 2years with his speech... She said he's still within what's considered 'normal' for his age... I guess it's just my own mummy instincts saying he should be further ahead, especially with how hard we have worked with him to get him to speak... I see other kids his age speaking in sentences now... But I shouldn't compare.....
I'll give it a go with letting him walk when we are out... It's worth a try... But yes with a newborn too it's hard to run after him haha.

Thanks for your reply smile

Yeah, I do hope it just happens overnight! As you asked before, I have not seen improvement since I asked about this topic previously...
I should just be patient and be happy he is otherwise developing well. Just when this bad behaviour began it made me question if the two things could be linked...
I think his behaviour could just be put down to terrible twos as he doesn't act out like that at home or visiting friends/family. Just at the grocery store/shopping centre. At least I hope that's all it is anyway!!

Hi Mandy,

I just read your post and could have sworn you were writing about my son LOL. I'm not concerned about my son as I believe that all children develop at different ages. Naturally like any mum I will keep an eye on him and how he develops but at this stage I'm happy with his progress although the tantrums drive me crazy especially whilst we are in public. My daughter was the opposite to my son. She was a chatterbox from early on and was fantastic to take anywhere.
Thought you would like to hear from another mum with a son the same age as your son smile

I think we all know that shopping can be stressful for and with a toddler.
If you don't ever let him walk around you're communicating to him that you don't trust him. Of course he's going to want to run off sometimes but by always assuming the worst you're not giving him any credit for his behaviour. At the shops there are a lot of people so he's more likely to stick close to you whereas at the park it's open and free and he can't get lost.
I understand it's hard with a newborn, however I was in the same position as well as my two are 18 months apart. I wore my baby in a carrier so that left me hands free at least to keep up with my toddler when necessary. I also found that having some snacks handy helped to distract him, so don't feel bad for doing that if it helps.
With regards to his speech, my DS didn't start putting words & sentences together until around his 2nd birthday. Once that started I could see more and more improvements almost daily. At 28 months now he is even using prepositions sometimes. I think it really is a matter of that it suddenly goes 'click' in their heads and they start talking. As long as he is understanding you then I don't think you need to worry. Keep doing what you're doing and remember they love repetition!

It's a fascinating and also very challenging age! smile
Sorry to hear you feel that way, can I ask how you are sleeping as I know I have been through exactly what you are going through (constantly comparing my son to others, thinking something was wrong, googling, constantly looking for something wrong). Turns out I was so sleep deprived I just needed to relax and let my son be.

With the speaking my son at 1.5yrs maybe said 6-10 words max. We took him to an ENT and discovered he had glue ear which meant he couldn't hear properly and required grommets. He understood everything so we thought but he just couldn't pronounce words. After the grommets where put it his vocab went from 10 words to over 250 in 6 months & he now talks in sentences. Get a second opinion if you aren't happy with his talking or as others have suggested by may just be a late talker.

The shopping I can completely relate, my son is 2.5yrs old now and taking him shopping is like watching 6 toddlers at shopping. Blink and he is gone, turn your head and he has pulled something off the shelf. Now when he makes a scene or wont listen and stay next to me he gets put in the trolley/pram strapped in and I let him scream. Once he is done screaming he can come out if he does it again I put him back in. Persistence is the key, don't give up he will get better.
This sounds a lot like my youngest dd. She is 25 mths old and only has a vocabulary of around 30 words. That has grown from around 20 words around 3 mths ago. She also behaves like that when in a pram. We catch a bus to and from school every day and crossing busy roads so I really don't like her walking. She has learnt to escape the harness no matter how tight it goes! She kicks, screams and has a full carry on. Take her out of the pram and the behaviour stops. When the pram is moving she is fine, its the waiting at the bus stops that's stressing us lol. dd4s words have improved so not too concerned just hoping she catches up soon.

We have had 2 early talkers and dd3 was a late talker, but was talking in sentences by the age of 2

Thanks for all your replies, it's reassuring to hear your experiences and to know I'm not alone with my concerns!
I think I will let go of the speech thing and address it at his 2 year dr/child health visit.
I'll chat to my hubby about letting him be independent and walk with us rather than be stuck in the pram... And at least give him the benefit of the doubt.

As for my sleep, I'm not sleeping the best of late... With a newborn to feed and all... I've been having severe headaches which my dr thinks is from lack of sleep, so I could be overreacting due to that.
I've been considering putting him into daycare one or two days a week for his own benefit in the hopes some socialisation with other kids his age could help his speech and behaviour, do you think that could be beneficial?
Thanks again ladies smile

In my family, some of spoke a bit earlier - but my brother didn't basically speak a whole sentence until he was three. Then he just burst out into proper full sentences, so that was a little odd. There is a lot of variation with development, and your child is probably just soaking up all the language like a sponge and practising a lot!
I do teaching - early childhood /primary - and I don't think I'd expect a child to be particularly articulate at that age - probably not enough to use verbal language as his primary communication form while socialising.

It sounds like you are doing a great job with him a little bit of socialisation never hurts (play dates maybe?) and I don't doubt you will be giving him lots to learn from when you are with him and at home, just by talking in conversation around him!

Hope it all goes well!
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