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Starting big school Lock Rss

So my daughter is due to start school next year. We have mentioned it a couple times and she keeps saying she doesn't want to go.
She has been at daycare 3 days a week since she was 18 months so it's not an issue with being away from me.

Tomorrow she has a half day at her school as part of their enrolment process to be accepted to the school and she really doesn't want to go, she keeps saying she wants to only go to daycare.

I'm guessing it just the unknown & change that it's worrying her. How can I help her be more excited and at ease with going back tomorrow?
Bring her fav toy to school tomorrow, activities etc and promise her she'll get a gift when you pick her up. She might even find a friend from daycare there.

The best thing I found was reading a book about going to school, we kept driving past the school and we talked about it, we watched the buses drive by and closer to the first day I let DS purchase his bag, lunchbox etc.

It's a huge change for the littlies, expect tears and tantrums but they get over it when they realise how fun school is and before you know it they'll be asking you to drop them off bc they're embarrassed to be walking with mum.

Good luck for tomorrow.
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