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Hey everyone ,

I'm having some issues with my DS who will be 3 in September.for about 2 months He is throwing a lot of tantrums and it's getting to the point where I have no idea how to deal with him anymore.Everytime I take him out he is whinging because I did not get him a toy or kinder surprise or anything that he ask for.yeterday I took him with me for some shopping and he started to cry and screeming because I did get him a lollipop.i have a friend introduce lollipop to him and ever since than he wants one whenever we r at the shops,,,than he wanted to get a toy from the post office I did not think he needed that toy because he already have heaps at home so he started to cry and did not wanted to go home.i walked out of post office and he was still standing crying while everyone's looking at us.he is the only child we have and I feel so stress and don't know what to do
I tried time out but does not seem to working
Even if I walk away he will stand there and cry or scream out loud.i don't know what else to do ,,,I yelled at him yesterday the first time and have been feeling so bad about it but I feel like he does not listen to me when I'm trying to speak to him.
At home he is always attached to me and surprisingly he is not like this towards his dad.
Please help
Any suggestions would be appreciated

My daughter is the same age and we are going through the same issues with her right now. I can't believe how fired up she gets herself. The huge meltdowns can be dealt with easier at home as I can put her in her room until she calms down enough to listen but when we are out it is so stressful. I won't buy her anything at the shops (well I do, but I don't give it to her until we've been home for a while) but with all the lollies right at kids eye level at the counters it's really hard to find distractions. I've brought in her favourite books or toys and that's helped keep her distracted, if she keeps screaming or complaining then I take her out of the shops and sit down somewhere as far away from people as I can get and just sit there until she screams herself out or realizes that her tantrums aren't helping her any and then we try again. It's not a perfect solution but it's the best I've been able to find that works so far. I also put her in the trolley just so that I can keep her in one spot while we get the shopping done. If I let her walk then she spends the whole shopping trip trying to escape. :S
Your doing a good job.

My oldest was a good shopper but my daughter not so much but now is a lot better

Just don't cave in, and don't worry what others think.
Walking away and not giving in will slowly teach him the right way to behave.

Maybe give him a heads up before going out that good behavior will get him such and such(e,g, a play at the park) and that bad behavior ( tantrums yelling crying demanding etc) will get him nothing

Maybe start with short quick outing so bad behavior is less likely so he get the reward and build back up from there.

Just make sure on shopping trips/outing when he is good that you do reward it (make a big deal about it first few times) . maybe not with Lollys or toys but a stop at a park on the way home or a special activity at home after

in short ignore the bad and praise the good behavior.

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