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How to deal with misbehaving toddler Lock Rss

Hi all, my dd is turning 4 this july and recently shes been really testing my patience. She used to pack up her toys, help make the bed, sits down to eat (most of the time), listens to instructions. But for the past month or so, she has been a totally different child. She will not pack up anything that shes taken out. She throws her blanket and pillows on the floor. She takes out all her dresses and insists on wearing them in winter (ive had to hide them all), she refuses to eat any meat or veggies. She only eats plain bread, rice, pasta, noodles. Nothing else. Its really driving me insane. I try to stay as calm as possible and try the naughty corner. Ive tried taking her toys away when she doesnt pack it up. Nothing is working at the moment. She insists on staying home if im going to the shops which she never used to. Shes usually the first one to get ready and put her shoes on if we go somewhere.
I really am struggling to deal with her tantrums and yelling and screaming and not listening. I work full time so i do try to make the weekends family time. But its been really cold lately so we cant go anywhere.
Ive asked daycare if theres been any changes, they tell me shes fine amd nothings changed. She eats well and has her naps, apprently shes very well behaved at daycare. So i really dont know what is going on at home.
Im hoping some other mums could help out with anything, and im thanking you in advance for replying.
Oh boy, this is so familiar, my dd is turning 4 in Sept, and she is just the same, especially with her summer dresses! You have no idea the fit she threw this morning!! (well maybe you do, haha)

She has virtually none of her nice toys anymore, because I've taken them off her to try and coerce her into e.g. putting a jersey on, or wearing gumboots instead of her high heels.

I've tried the naughty step, tried a reward chart with incentives, tried just being zero-tolerance, but I am at my wits end. Sorry I can't be of help, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone!! smile
My son is only 18 months but he is showing these signs also. We have taken all toys out of his room so when he has been naughty he goes in there for 5 minutes. If he comes out, clock starts again. It seems harsh for someone so young but my parents did the same for me and we have found it works.
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