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aggressive 19 month old Rss

Avoid reading or trying to reason with your baby. Probably, she is not yet able to imagine herself in the place of another child or to change her behavior on the basis of verbal reasoning. But she can understand the consequences. Wait until your baby calms down, then calmly and gently look at what happened. Ask her if she can explain what triggered her outburst.It is a very delicate time. Children always try to test their parents. See how far they can take us. We do not want to think that our children can become conniving. And when children actually start to do this, we must understand that it is not coming from an innocent place and remember to speak about it sternly. If it is off limits, then it must be clearly communicated, with reasons and all. It should be treated sensitively. Any encouragement will be received well. So positive reinforcements for the tiny observations you make during that conversation will steer the child into understanding the depth of her act. good luck with your kid.
Hi Amanda_Croall, hope you are fine. I am sorry to hear about the behaviour of your kid. This is not normal. I think she needs more attention. When kid lacks attention. He loses hi temper. You've done a good thing. You never went physical with your child. This is good. My little kid used to do same when he was 3. But now he's five and he changed a bit. I think she'll become same. But it will take time. Don't worry. Just try to understand her. The kid usually does what they see. Remember what she uses to watch on tv. Don't allow her to see aggressive cartoons. This will help you a lot. Thanks. Hope things get better soon.
Don't worry. It's just about some growing up stuff. You don't have to take tension about it. It's not something that creates a problem. I hope everything is going to be alright. You should probably be strict now. You should have to do some strictness in the home. I hope you understand. It's just on the top of your face. You should see the impact from inside. You really don't have to worry about anything. Take good care of yourself.
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This behaviour is unacceptable. You should have to try to understand ow to react at public place and ocassionally.
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It's normal, a lot of kids act out like this in their first years. But this doesn't mean that you should leave the behavior unpunished or she'll think that it's ok and likely won't stop at all. Continue with scolding when necessary and with perseverance, you will eventually get there.
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