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Teaching kids to stop touching things they shouldn't touch?? Lock Rss

My 3 yr old constantly forces DVDs into the PS3 whenever he wants to watch a dvd. He's completely broken it now.
Any tips on getting him to understand not to touch it?
My dh plays ps as a way to keep I contact with his friends as we live 8 hrs away from them and rarely get to catch up with them so he wants to buy a new one which means I have miss out on getting new glasses until we can save up for them again.
Every time he breaks something it always means I have to miss out on something I need.
Sorry for the rant so upset right now. This is the 3rd time he's forced a dvd into it.
We put a lock on our DVD player. One of these ones:

So if he pushed the open button the DVD player couldn't open. No it did not look pretty but I did it because we had a multi disk changer and my son accidentally snapped one of the DVD trays off! Luckily the remaining 4 trays still work smile.

Other thing to do is to hide the DVDs! Or put them up high.

Apart from that I don't know what else to suggest.

What consequences to you apply when he breaks it? Could put his favourite toy away in the cupboard for a few days?

Could you get the PS3 replaced on your home insurance?

We have a 10month old who is constantly playing with our dvd player, we just give him a smack on the hand.

We have also rearranged our dvds so he can't get them off the shelf easily seeing as he now knows how to open the cases.

This weekend we're rearranging our entire lounge room in an attempt to get the things he "plays" (but shouldn't) with out of his reach.

At 3 years old you should definitely have consequences for his bad behavior in place. My sister in law puts her 3 year old daughter in time out (1 minute per year of life) when she plays with the dvd player (started when she was only 2)
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