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Excessively clingy 16 months old - any advice on how to tame this?? Lock Rss

My youngest daughter, 16 months old, is EXTREMELY clingy. To the point that sometimes, even if I am in the same room moving around to do some cleaning or tidying up, she gets all upset and wants to be picked up. Let alone if I walk in another room. This is possibly 70% of the time, the remaining 30% is either sleeping, eating or found something entertaining. We are a very normal household with me, hubby and our two daughters (a 3 year old and 16 months old), I used to work 3 days per week, but now I am at home as hubby goes away with work sometimes. She is healthy, developmentally on track, we go to play group, out and about, I play with her as well as her sister yet she is constantly clingy and wants to be picked up, or she cries. She is teething now, which brings it to an even higher level, but it's quite constant. She has been like this since she was about 12 months old or so. It's becoming a bit draining and even if I am out at playgroup, she just screams if I don't pick her up and it's just becoming hard to handle! I have even considered visiting a child psychologist to see if it can help. Anyone has any advice or has gone through something similar?
My son is doing exactly the same. With hindsight I followed all the recommendations of attachment parenting (just hadn't heard of it then) by baby wearing, exclusive breastfeeding on demand, and cosleeping (although only from 12 months as was paranoid about SIDS) and now at 19 months my son is my little shadow. When we go places he always has his head buried between my legs hiding and wants to be held.

I sort of figured it was just a developmental stage and he'd out grow it. That said it can be annoying at times. Its kind of sweet sometimes as he is clearly very close to me but it does make it difficult to get things done and go places. I think with next bub I might try to encourage a little more independence!

I'll be watching for any suggestions from others too!
I didn't follow recommendation of attachment parenting, she was formula fed (so when she was younger she was used to both me and hubby feeding her) and she loves sleeping in her own cot... she never even liked baby wearing or being swaddled despite attempts, but for some reasons now she is extremely clingy and I truly wonder why that may be... Like you, I think it's really sweet and it's certainly a beautiful and special bond, but I just feel that sometimes it's very hard to do anything at all, including going to the toilet!! smile Let's hope we can get some good advice!!! smile smile
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