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any ideas on replacing? Lock Rss

My dd is 2.5 & has always had two dummies, one for her mouth and one to run over her face and eyes as comfort. We are currently trying to get rid of the dummies but our biggest struggle is replacing the eye one. And we cant just let her keep it as it ends up in her mouth anyway. Any ideas on what we can buy as an alternative?
Maybe a bottle teat?
Or try something totally different, lots of toddlers like a fluffy or silky snuggle/comforter. Perhaps you could take your daughter into a store and let her touch and feel a variety of soft toys/bunnies/teddies etc. and she could choose.
With my son he handef all his dummies to a younger cousin and saw they'd gone to a 'baby'. He still had a soft teddy and a ruggie that he sleeps with and only asked for his dummy about 2 or 3 times.
Hope you get there, and if not try again in a few months.
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